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CMS-XML LISTC option I (info) not displaying all VSAM Information
The FASTVSAM product causes FDM’s LISTC information (i) line command to not display the linear VSAM data set attributes. The FASTVSAM product also places the company name as the cluster name in the FDM display. FASTVSAM puts a hook in the system and picks up the calls to VSAM code.
CMS-XML 'Search For' option 3.14 displays input dsn instead of output dsn with model
'Search For' option 3.14 displays input dsn instead of output dsn with model
CMS-XML Option 15.9 - LISTV not displaying correct number of volumes in 7.5.3
The volumes that are not displaying all have addresses that begin with an alphabetic B. --------------------------- List Volumes - (Double) --------- Row 1 to 7 of 37 COMMAND ===> SCROLL ===> CSR
CMS-XML FDM Only displays 3 of 4 segments from database, can only select 2
FDM Only displays 3 of 4 segments from database, can only select 2
CMS-XML Cannot PF3 back from LISTC table after selecting dataset from LISTC display
- PF3 back from the dataset selected - if try to pf3 back again, can't exit the LISTC display PDSPN01
CMS-XML FDM: In PEDIT, would like to scan the entire record for a value and then display all records selected
VOLUME SERIAL ===> (If not cataloged) DISP ===> SHR (SHR/OLD) More: +
CMS-XML PBrowse being selected when selecting View for an IAM dataset.
FDM is working as designed as the issue is not related to the IAM dataset as it applies to standard vsam as well. Option 2 – view IS NOT PVIEW…it is IBM ISPF view where FDM attempts PBrowse. For IAM and VSAM datasets, use PVIEW which is 'browse method'=4.
CMS-XML record length is 0 when using cbmap copybook from data display
From option 1 browse, when a copybook is mapped to the data and a subsequent CBMAP is issued, the record length value at level 1 is 0. I cannot reproduce this error in 7.5.2 nor 7.6.0. I show length of 80. What could be causing this?
CMS-XML PF3 from HIST editlog display incorreclty displays FDM log
HIST command with 'automatic editlog=YES' and 'Interface Mode = YES' (available under option 0.0) incorrectly displays fdm log as well as editlog 1) Issue command HIST : against a load library 2) results displayed in EDITLOG format
CMS-XML FDM displays space utilization for only first volume of multivolume dataset
Currently FDM only lists information regarding the first volume of the multi-volume dataset. ISPF option 3.2: Data Set Information
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