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CMS-XML FDM: underscore for member selection not working as documented
FDM: underscore for member selection not working as documented
PDF Microsoft Word - IMS SSI for StarTool FDM 753 Insert Patch.doc
This document describes how to use the Single-Segment Interface (SSI) feature for IMS in StarTool FDM 7.5.3 after applying the SSI insert fix, or in StarTool FDM 7.5.4. The features documented here do not apply to any other version of StarTool FDM, nor to StarTool FDM 7.5.3 if the proper fix has not been applied. The customer must license the IMS Option of StarTool FDM to take advantage of this feature.
CMS-XML Starbat does not issue a message when the MACRECOUT maximum is reached
Detail: Starbat does not issue any kind of information message notifiying the user that the maxrecout maximum has been reached. According to our doc , that limit is 250.
******************************** Bottom of Data ******************************** Excerpt from PDSFAST online doc FASTINIT facility enables PDSFAST to intercept all uses of the system utility IEBCOPY without moving, renaming or altering the IBM-supplied modules.
This entry documents IGNORE=B/L/H/Z/9/P/I introduced in StarWarp 5.3.0
CMS-XML Basic use of PEDIT and copybook processing
Refer to the attached document for instructions.
CMS-XML PRINT Subcommand in FDM only prints Physical Screen
When the PRINT is issued, a message is issued that the physical screen is printed. This does not match the documented PRINT command.
CMS-XML zIIP on an IBM 2094-707 z9 processor
zIIP processors are documented as being used by DB2 at the time of this writing (July 2007), and IBM indicates that they will be used in the future for Communications Server TCP/IP processing and for XML services. FDM does not directly use any techniques which would cause zIIP processing to be invoked. It is possible that FDM could cause DB2 processing to be performed on a zIIP processor as part of an otherwise normal request, but this activity will be performed internally by DB2 and not affect either Serena product.
CMS-XML Does FDM cut SMF Records?
Some time ago in FDM version 6, some sample code was created to activate limited SMF recording for PEDIT only. The SMF implementation is documented in the FDM panel library < FDM.PANELS(PDS0620) >. Do a FIND on 'SMF'. . For other FDM processes including StarBat, normal standard SMF recording, if enabled, will log any updates to data sets made by the user's job or task.
CMS-XML StarTool FDM 7.7.1 patch
- FDM message output changes have occurred in the MAP, HISTORY, LIST and XREF commands. Sample displays can be found in the document attached to this patch and also in the README. - Download the README for details regarding this patch and the FDM message changes.
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