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CMS-XML New Features in StarTool FDM 7.8
FDM will erase the keys in ... ... so that a limited number of users ... FDM will erase the keys in ... ... so that a limited number of users ... ... Load Modules Are Deleted in FDM 7 ... ... ) has been deleted from the FDM ... ... Load Modules Are Deleted in FDM 7 ... ... OPTR has been deleted from the FDM ... ... Contains instructions for restricting a single set ... ... external name that limits CSECT or ENTRY ... ... of each decoded statement As part of this enhancement panel PDSSTB2 was deleted
CMS-XML DB2 update gets message 'No primary key is available for this table'
... 2: Select Statement Validation -- ... FROM DDELANO.PARTS4 Limit ===> 10000 (max rows to retrieve) ... . Delete and update operations ... ----------- DB2: Confirm Process of DB2 Ad-hoc Non-Select Statement ----------- ... Press PF6 DB2: Execute the DB2 SQL Statement ... You are requesting StarTool FDM execute the following SQL statement . You may alter the following SQL statement before FDM sends it to DB2:
CMS-XML FDM720: IEBCOPY member select (s m=) does not have all members processed
... S M= statement does not reflect ... actually copied/ deleted . ... INPUT DATA SET REFERENCED BY SYS ... INPUT DATA SET REFERENCED BY SYS00 ... OUTPUT DATA SET REFERENCED BY SYS00 ... 96618 has been deleted ... B has been deleted ... 46859 has been deleted ... CPYNULL has been deleted ... CONCATVV has been deleted ... CONCATVS has been deleted ... CONCATVB has been deleted ... CONCATT has been deleted ... CONCATGD has been deleted ... CONCATFB has been deleted ... CONCATA has been deleted PDS040I COMTEST has been deleted PDS040I COMMENT has been deleted PDS040I COMBINE6 has been deleted PDS040I COMBINE has been deleted PDS040I CHNGALL has been deleted PDS040I CHANGE has been deleted
CMS-XML COPY with DISP=MOD getting s800-004 abend for SEQ and not producing target dataset with correct attributes
(YES or NO) -- delete from source? ... Referenced date . ... (YES or NO) -- delete from source? ... IEBCOPY MESSAGES AND CONTROL STATEMENTS ... 000009 IEB167I FOLLOWING MEMBER(S) UNLOADED FROM INPUT DATA SET REFERENCED BY S ... Referenced date .
CMS-XML *** No //SYSIN DD statement error when running FDM with JCL
The following error is received when trying to delete a member using FDM online commands in a batch job: *** No //SYSIN DD statement JCL submitted:
CMS-XML SMPPTFIN DD in FDM.JCL(SMPCDREC) references PDS and not Sequential file
In addition to the name changes, remove the member name MCSCD in the SMPPTFIN DD statement . FDM761.JCL(SMPCDREC) - 00.00 Colum ===> Sc
CMS-XML FDM: Restoring deleted members of a PDS
Actually, in many cases you can also recover deleted members after a compress operation. For more information on this possibility, see FIXPDS MAXSPACE in the Startool Reference Guide.
CMS-XML FDM: How many output statements can starbat write to with multicopy?
Serena StarTool FDM's StarBat process does not impose any limit on the number of separate output files when using the MULTICOPY function. However, the user's region size will limit the total amount of storage available to StarBat. In particular, large values for the BLKSIZE and/or BUFNO parameters will limit the number of output files which can be simultaneously open.
CMS-XML PDS993E with Starbat PRINT IF statement after changing to PDSE from PDS
Affected members: FDM772.CNTL members PDS#OPTJ and PDS#OPT4 Old linkedit statement //LK1 EXEC PGM=IEWL,PARM='MAP,RENT,REUS,REFR,LET,NCAL',COND=(0,LT)
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