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CMS-XML FDM support of DB2 Tables With Long Column Names
Install patch package FDM which can be accessed by specifyig P2482 under 'ask a question' above case manager from the support page at
When running STARBAT with the MUTICOPY, multiple WRITE statements cannot be done to the DD as the following message is issued:
The WRITE parameter can only be used with the MULTICOPY function. In the JCL example above, the WRITE parameter should not be used. Following is the documentation from the StarBat Manual:
CMS-XML MULTICOPY with member in JCL results in STRB31E DD01O is sequential; do not use a member name with this data set
---------- error in output ---------------------------------- RDW default set to "0". DD01 MULTICOPY PADCHAR=C' ',
CMS-XML LISTC issues invalid 'Invalid CATALOG name' message.
Then just press enter using the defaults and you be issued the following Invalid CATALOG name message with a long message of " Do not use quotes". This is an incorrect message.
CMS-XML DB2 update gets message 'No primary key is available for this table'
When ready you can enter one of the following: VIEW, EDIT, PRINT, TPRINT, EXTRAC OPT Column Name Sel Col Dis A/ D --- Predicate ------------------------- PART_NUMBER 1 1 S
CMS-XML DB2 option 6 "IX indexes of a given table" does not honor MASK field
When ready press PF6 to continue the VIEW OPT Column Name Sel Col Dis A/ D --- Predicate ------------------------ s NAME ... 1 K
CMS-XML DSNT408I SQLCODE = -010, ERROR with DB2 long table name exceeding 24 characters
... in, " D ":" ... Subsystem name === ... Creator name or mask ===> USER (type-in, creator name or masked..) Table name or mask (type-in, table name or masked): ... New list ===> YES (Yes or NO for creating new list ) ... 'TEST_THIS IS NOT TERMINATED ... The problem is also highlighted when you try and create a table name which contains more than 24 characters:. ... DSNT408I SQLCODE = -107, ERROR: THE NAME
CMS-XML Assembling the PDS#OPT4 module results in ASMA161W Only one TITLE statement may have a name field
OPTIONS STARTOOL INITIALIZATION DEFAULTS CSECT SAMPLE ... ** ASMA161W Only one TITLE statement may have a name field ... 000000 D 7C4E27BD6 D 7E3F4 17= DC CL8'PDS#OPT4'
CMS-XML PDS999E S0C6-0006 When Copying Records using COPYBOOK 'Column Number/Name' from Record Selection Panel
When attempting to use the COPY command with the record selection panel, the following S0C6 error message results when using a COPYBOOK 'Column Number/ Name ' . ... ==> YES (Yes/ No /Bac read all records before display) ... Column number/ name ... PSW and next instruction: 078 D 0000-80000001 ... *R7 : 0005 D 000
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