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CMS-XML FDM: Long command strings
FDM: Long command strings
CMS-XML LIST command does not list contents of entire length of module
LIST command is not listing contents of entire length of PDSE module (type=library) The LIST command is only listing through x'047C'. ** MAP BIT64ATS
CMS-XML CSECT Length Displayed on CSECT Command Panel is Truncated for CSECTS >16M
------------------------- CSECT Display for BIGMOD -------- Row 1 to 1 of 1 COMMAND ===> SCROLL ===> CSR Enter an ISPF command or a special control code:
CMS-XML FIND command gets PDS876E A directory record has an incorrect length (not 256 characters)
-- Row 1 to 19 of 421 COMMAND ===> SCROLL ===> CSR
CMS-XML STR540: Poor performance of the LISTV command.
Product: Startool version 5.4.0 Detail: The amount of time required to obtain a list of volumes using the LISTV command is too long .
Under PEDIT, the FIND and REPLACE strings must be the same length . This is because PEDIT is a data editor and not a source editor.
CMS-XML FIND Results in PDS842E This string is too long
If the following FIND command with the OR parameter is executed in batch using PGM=IKJEFTS01 or in line mode when using the SUSPEND command, the following PDS842E error message will result:
CMS-XML REPLACE results in PDS842E This string is too long
Executing the REPLACE command in batch using the following syntax results in error PDS842E This string is too long //STEP1 EXEC PGM=IKJEFT01,DYNAMNBR=80,REGION=5M
CMS-XML Copying fixed block clist to a variable 256 length truncates after column 72
When copying a fixed block clist member to a variable 256 length PDS, data after column 72 is truncated. The following command is being used, but using the panels results in the same truncation. COPY member 'output.pds'
CMS-XML Processing Members Using FIND results in PDS842E This String Is Too Long
Getting 'PDS842E This string is too long' with the following 3 'FIND' commands. 1. When using the FIND line command from member list for a source member, e.g.
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