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CMS-XML Mask command to obtain a sorted list of data sets on a volume
Mask command to obtain a sorted list of data sets on a volume
CMS-XML FDM: The data/msg field can be tabbed to with 'tab to sort headers' set to NO.
FDM: The data/msg field can be tabbed to with 'tab to sort headers' set to NO.
CMS-XML Customer enters LC command and gets a TRX panel.
On 7.4.1 if I initiate an LC I get some sort of TRX display: ----------------------- TRX full-screen output display ----------------------- Cmd ===> Scroll ===> CSR
CMS-XML Locate in ISPF table is not positioning correctly after LISTF
Product: Startool FDM Problem: If a list of datasets is built using LISTF and then sorted , when the locate command is issued the record is not positioned at the top of a page. It works OK is the list is built with a LISTF.
CMS-XML Space Utilization for Temporary VIO Data Set is Incorrect
When using the following JCL which creates a temporary VIO dataset, the space utilization incorrectly displays as 0. //S0 EXEC SORT //SORTIN DD *
CMS-XML StarBat changes LRECL and BLKSIZE for RECFM=VB dataset when LRECL not coded in JCL
Following the upgrade StarBat job using RECFM=VB datasets, FDM is changing the LRECL and BLKSIZE causing the following abend later in the job because of the dscb information. In this example, the failure later in the job was a sort program ICE043A 0 JBPTU712.SORT01
CMS-XML PF3 back from LISTC goes back to termination instead of LISTC display
to SORT headers ===> YES 2) LISTC mask that contains dataset allocated by addr space of session like ISPF profile 3) enter WHO line command against allocated dataset 4) PF3 from display 5) pf3 goes to termination prompt instead of LISTC display
CMS-XML UT command in ISPF batch mode causes other commands to fail
000054 RIGHT 000055 SORT SIZE ASCENDING 000056 L 1350
CMS-XML PF3 after COMPare from ML does not go back to ML display
Cursor selection ===> NO Tab to SORT headers ===> YES 2) enter GO 2 to get second session
CMS-XML Missing Trailing 'T' in DSNAME LISTC LISTF VMAP INFO and 3.2 for data sets 1,000,000 tracks and larger in FDM 7.8.1
The affected fields like affected fields like ‘ALLOCTRK’, 'SIZE' and 'FREE' have had the trailing "T" removed. If the value is too large for the field, the value will be converted to CYLINDERS and a "C" will be displayed. This will affect sorting of the column data as Cylinder data will be intermixed with track data.
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