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CMS-XML ULTIDDNM RC=4 on compile to merge starspy steps in cics cobol compile
They imply that OSR processing was not included. If a true error condition were encountered, messages should be logged to the JES2 message log . These messages would have a message type identifier of " E ".
CMS-XML CAFC is failing in CICS with a S0C4 with conflict with StarTool DA
The instruction is a MVC 0(8,R7),X'38'(R2) GPR7 points to DA-CICS storage, specifically the DAADT. The module in question is IXGT1LBM (an IBM log module).
CMS-XML CICS 4038 abend not seen in dump viewer
The following abend was seen in the CICS log when the transaction ESPY was issued. However, the dump can't be seen in the dump viewer.
CMS-XML ULTI254I... ,RPL Support Table exceeded,...
When running CA-11, after a message related to a recreation of the CA-11 log file, a ULTI254I message was received from StarTool DA Batch. What does this mean?
CMS-XML ESPYAOPE 008E,C1E00_10,Error description : WRK file is full
CICS log has the following messages: ESPYAOPE 008E,C1E00_10,SSI error,FC=X"ED",RQ=X"20",RC=X"08",RS=X"0081",RV=X"00000000",SSN ESPYAOPE 008E,C1E00_10,Error description : WRK file is full.
CMS-XML ESPYAOTR,CO40,4014,ISPY,LX02,EU1NPS02,013,080,ESPYINF , ,Record not found
The ASRA abend is detected and the abend is seen in the CICS region Log . However, when an attempt is made to view the transaction abend in the CICS region using the ESPY dump viewer, the dump does not display and the following error results:
CMS-XML ESPYAOTR,CO40,4014,ISPY,LX02,EU1NPS02,013,080,ESPYINF , ,Record not found
After the DA upgrade, the following messages are appearing in the CICS legion log : ESPYAOTR,CO40,4014,ISPY,LX02,EU1NPS02,013,080,ESPYINF , ,Record not found. ESPYAOTR,CO40,4014,- InfDbi-Record :
CMS-XML Serena Products that are compatible with IBM’s z/OS 2.2
StarTool IOO 3.1.5 You can view more details on compatibility by logging into the support site at:
MS-EXCEL DA_5.7.0_Supported_Platform_Matrix.xls
should be made to customers regarding this information without appropriate approval from Product Management. The " Log " worksheet provides the edition control history The "Hdwr" worksheet describes which processor versions are supported on which operating systems for each release.
CMS-XML espyamb1 b32e, invalid record number in tickler record number 00000001
1) issue the following command against the task from the system log : a) f es0wls,rebuild=tfst b) cycle the workload server
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