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CMS-XML Started task terminating at startup: ESPYAMON 100E,LOAD macro failure for SERTIOR ,R15 RC=X"0000000C
08.16.20 STC00117 IEF403I ES02WLSC - STARTED - TIME=08.16.20 08.16.20 STC00117 SZDI001I Pgm(ESPYAMON),Vers(57000042),Timestamp(09/06/11,05.29) 08.16.20 STC00117 ESPYAMON 001I,DA-Base WLS startup is in progress,MVS FMID=HBB7790 ,DFSMS release =2100.
MS-WORD Failure To Process CICS SVC Dumps
Verify that member DFHIPCSP exists and that it contains the following lines: EXIT EP(DFHPDxxx) VERB(CICSxxx) ABSTRACT(+ 'CICS Transaction Server for OS/390 Release 3 analysis')
CMS-XML EXEC PGM=ESPYALC2 failure,RC=8 during compile
2001/06/11,15:42:25 ESPYRX01,A999,U093,2302,DDname INDD1 allocation released ,RC=0. 2001/06/11,15:42:25 ESPYRX01,A999,U094,2302,DSN(s)='SYS2.EYESPY.PROD.JCLLIB(idcams02)'.
CMS-XML DA401: enq/deq IBM apar II13047
Reported Release ......... 001 Fixed Release ............ ... ABEND738) failure .
CMS-XML Questions on XML licensing and CSA
example, if the SERLIC DD info is invalid, does it stop dead or does it ... you reload the licenses for a product, the storage for the previously loaded licenses for that product is released .
CMS-XML automatically replace the program in the Language Database if it already exists
... PGM=ULTIDDNM failure ,RC= ... 2004/02/17,15:42:20 ESPYRX01,2299,U083,2203,DDname SYSIN allocation released ,RC=0. ... 2004/02/17,15:42:20 ESPYRX01,2299,U083,2202,DDname SYSUT2 allocation released ,RC=0. ... 2004/02/17,15:42:20 ESPYRX01,2299,U083,2201,DDname SYSUT1 allocation released ,RC=0.
CMS-XML ESPYAMD3 003E,Runaway dispatch error X"xx" detected
Issue found in Release : 5.5.3 ... When StarTool DA detects that the workload server (ES01WLS) is submitting a task multiple times within a short period of time such that it appears to be looping , DA will terminate the workload server (ES01WLS).
CMS-XML CICS demo installation job gets error "ESPYALC2 041E,Premature ESPYCLR EOF detected"
2005/02/10,12:51:35 ESPYRX01,2402,EXEC PGM=ESPYALC2 failure ,RC=8. ... 2005/02/10,12:51:35 ESPYRX01,A999,U093,2302,DDname INDD1 allocation released ,RC=0. ... Issue found in Release :
CMS-XML DACICS: workload server gets error ESPYAMON C10E,StarSpy Workload Server startup attempt aborted.
... 6608 ,DFSMS release =1500. ... T,STORAGE RELEASE ,RC= ... ... T,STORAGE RELEASE ,RC= ... ... T,STORAGE RELEASE ,RC= ... ESPYAMB3 002T,STORAGE RELEASE ,RC=00000000,LV=00000CB0,SP=F1,KEY=80,A=0724E000,ID=CFGESRT ... ESPYAMON 702E,StarSpy V510 ES01 Workload Server is terminating due to startup failure .
CMS-XML DA510: ESPYAMON 320E,StarSpy WLS ESCT level error,Found C"M003 ",Expected C"V510"
11.51.44 STC20669 ESPYAMON 702E,StarSpy V510 ES01 Workload Server is terminating due to startup failure . ... ESPYAMON 001I,StarSpy WLS startup is in progress,MVS FMID=HBB7703 ,DFP release =2³00. ... ESPYAMON 702E,StarSpy V510 ES01 Workload Server is terminating due to startup failure .
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