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CMS-XML automatically replace the program in the Language Database if it already exists
2004/02/17,15:42:20 ESPYRX01,2101,EXEC PGM=ULTIDDNM failure ,RC=4. 2004/02/17,15:42:20 ESPYRX01,2200,*-- (ULTICREC) Build the IDCAMS control record for DBWF allocation -----------------*.
CMS-XML Cannot Add more than 27 Regions to a database. Limit should be 32.
In the Job Definition Panel where CICS Regions are defined to a DA Database , it should be possible to add 32 Regions to the DB. Attempts to add the 28th Region fail . Issue found in Release: Install DA version 5.5.0
CMS-XML Cannot access ZMF using Batch DA Interface resulting in error ESPM006T
If DA is activated before TCPIP, the connections fail and this command has to be issued. There are also messages in the WLS that give the connection status to each ZMF subsystem.
CMS-XML An abend (code 378/AKEB) has occurred at offset X'FFFFFFFF' in module ESPYAOCK
DA CICS job obtains S378 abend ... 01.31.54 S0011816 AXMSC0031I Connection to server DFHNC.EC00NCS0 has been opened. ... 08.36.51 S0011816 +DFHDU0210 ACE1I02A SDUMPX REQUEST FAILED - SDUMPX RETURN CODE x'08' REASON x'0B'
Failing Instruction Section ... The Failing Instruction is in Program (CSECT): ... ADDRESS = 07 DB 0000
CMS-XML COBOL source statement not display and no diagnostic screen
Date: 12/07/2007 DA-CICS/V560 - Dump Database Contents(40) Time: 07:48:34 ... Failing Program Statement (N/A) ... Failing Program Statement (N/A) ... ==> Result: There is no failing Statement shown in the Problem Summary Section :
CMS-XML DVS S0C4 in ESPY9DVS offset 1926
--------------- StarTool DA : Failing Statement Information ---------------- ... The failing instruction is in program (csect): ZCRR01 at offset X' 000 DB 8 ' The failing COBOL statement is:
CMS-XML DA not formatting DB2 info for IMS DL/I batch jobs
** ******** DB PCB at x'000B39F8' ******** ** ... * connection to DB2 from IMS Control regions in our shop uses an IMS RTT table.
CMS-XML Unable to select fields on ISPF panel ESPYIPB0 after ESPM002S popup displayed
3 Failing Instruction Section ... ESPM001Q - Requested abend code not found in code data base . ... 3 Failing Instruction Section
09:55:34 CICVP06 Transaction DORH failed with abend DORS. Updates to local recoverable resources backed out.
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