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CMS-XML How to create separate forms for Request Center (SRC) and SBM
You may want to setup similar, but different, forms for the users interact with SBM through SRC and the users who interact with SBM through the classic interface . Currently, you cannot setup different forms for these different types of users. However, you can setup a single form to display differently, depending on the interface.
CMS-XML Troubleshooting Serena Request Center Mobile Application.
Most of the troubleshooting should start with attempting to login to the Request Center interface via a standard web browser first with the equivalent of the following url. By doing so you can tell if you have the correct user name and password and then clicking on the various tabs in the UI can show other places that need more configuration before the mobile application will work.
CMS-XML SBM user licenses, laptop and mobile/fixed devices
A license will be set for clean up once the user clicks the Exit link in the interface ; in SBM 11.4, simply closing the web browser will act like clicking the Exit link in the UI. Clicking this link should return the user to a landing page. If clicking this link logs the user back in (because you are using Windows Authentication), then we need to change in setting in [1]
CMS-XML In Requests tab of Request Center you see "Sorry, you do not have permissions to see the results of this report" when you first login.
If you did step 1 then make sure the user you're logged in as has permissions to the report you chose in step 1. You will have to check the permissions in the classic SBM interface .
CMS-XML After deploying Service Request app transition button text is missing or cut off on the right.
Open SRC - Service Request Application in Composer Click the Visual Design option in the left tree Click on the "SR - Base Active State Form"
CMS-XML Service Desk "Required Date" field in the overview section of the state form is in dd/mm/yyyy format.
A workaround for this issue is to do the following. 1. Open the SRC Starter Pack Forms app in Composer 2. In the Javascript section locate the Utilities file and edit it.
CMS-XML Enabling and Using Self-service Provisioning and Deployment
How Do You Change It? For the Serena Release Manager-side changes, you can change the integration in SBM Composer in the Serena Release Manager Deployment process app. The form is on the Submit transition.

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