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CMS-XML How does a Product Name from the Entitlement site (FNO) map to one or more Product Features in SLM?
TeamTrack RELEASE_MANAGER-SLM8-RLM_USER-Release Mgr Named Users TeamTrack_named
CMS-XML How Seat Licenses and Content Licenses work with SBM Concurrent and Named Licenses
licenses. Seat licenses are similar to named licenses, but with the following differences: A seat license is not "checked out" in the traditional sense, and therefore does not require any user administration on the SLM server.
CMS-XML SBM: How to reimport a solution (RLC, SRC, SSM)
file in notepad, and change the version number ONLY. Do not change the UUID or the name . The edited line will look something like this:
CMS-XML Unable to execute a command line using Ext.CmdLineWait() function
The argument passed to CmdLineWait() must contain no spaces. Ensure that the path to the execute does not contain spaces or uses the 8.3 naming convention with regard to spaces, e.g., 'Program Files' should be writen as 'Progra~1'.
CMS-XML SBM user licenses, laptop and mobile/fixed devices
This KB describes the use of concurrent and named licenses. Seat licenses are not affected by users never logging out.
CMS-XML The SLA configuration options are missing or give an error
On the left, there should be a view called "Server Manager ". If this is missing, verify that the SSM installer has been run on all servers hosting AE, AR and CS (Application Engine, Application repository and Common Services).
CMS-XML How to print a workflow diagram clearly without cropped edges
3. In properties, under the "Address: (URL)" observe the last portion of the url, displaying "workflow" and then a number, and then .png. This is the name of the file for this png.
CMS-XML How to get detailed logging from the Knowledge Smart Search feature as well as Work Center search.
C:\Program Files\Serena\SBM\Common\jboss405\server\default\log with the following names . sdf.log

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