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CMS-XML SRA: Installing 5.0 against an existing 12.x CM install will deactivate the CM Java Web client and Adminconsole components
Installed SRA 5.0 to a pre-existing CM install. Installer seems to have detected the current Tomcat and installed a 7.0 directory parallel to the 6.0, however whilst SRA works fine the Dimensions wars were left in the 6.0 webapps and as a result the CM shortcuts now show 404 messages.
CMS-XML Class Report Selecting Requirements 'Not in Any Baseline' fail on export
If using an earlier release,collect, using standard filters in Quick Search, all items including those in a baseline .
CMS-XML Dim RM 2009 R2: Baseline based on query incorrect
select <Category>IN_CATEGORY <PUID>PUID <Title>TITLE <Text>TEXT from BClass where IN_CATEGORY IN ('0') and STATUS IN ('Current') The query correctly returns requirements from both classes. However, if you create a baseline based on this query the baseline will only contain requirements from the second class.
CMS-XML Error: Cannot find license file. (-1,359:2 "No such file or directory"): FeatureName (UserName)
For example, if the ISLV.INI or .islvrc file of a Version Manager client contains :
CMS-XML Security vulnerability. rm_key.pem contains private key of server in plain text
The rm_key.pem file in the RM/conf directory contains the server's private key in plain text
CMS-XML Limiting the number of Concurrent Licenses for Groups of Users
1. In the License Manager install directory (the directory that contains the serena.lic / merant.lic and lmgrd.exe files), create a file called merant.opt
CMS-XML How To run Chklic on Linux/Unix and Windows
The default installation directory for the License Manager is "C:\Program Files\Serena\License Manager". It is the same directory that contains your serena.lic (or merant.lic)
CMS-XML DIM RM: ALF SSO Gatekeeper error has occured: Error obtaining security token.
The default keystore password is changeit Please note that you need to specify the full path, here we used ...\RM\ to include any directory you may have RM installed on (like C:\Program Files\Serena\Dimensions 11.2.4\RM\Common\jdk1.6\bin) 4) Import the new sts certificate to the above truststore.jks using the following command, reply Yes to "Trust this certificate" question.
CMS-XML How to prevent named users from using a concurrent license
To use the utility, copy the ExcludeNamedFromConcurrent file for the appropriate operating system into the SLM directory , the same one that contains the users.lst
CMS-XML SBM 10.1 - How to generate new signed certificate trust keys for SBM and copy them to additional servers as needed (Generating SSO certificates)
This directory contains a .cfg file that lists your current certificates and their passwords. If you have changed the default passwords for any of the Serena certificates in the past, you must update the corresponding password entries in this file.
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