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CMS-XML DimRM & CM: What are the supported platforms and version compatibility for Dimensions RM and Dimensions CM?
RM/CM Integration— Windows Platforms CM 2009 R2 CM 2009 R1 CM RM 2009 R2 Supported Supported RM 2009 R1.01 Supported RM 2009 R1
CMS-XML Edit Class, Relationship, Tracability Report (Query) window hangs
Editing a query to for an AlphaNumeric attribute use the IN clause inside the WHERE statement of the query cause the Edit query function to hang. WorkAround: manually edit or delete directly in the database. Contact Serena Support for correct procedures.
CMS-XML Sample HTTPD.CONF file for Apache on Windows
Additionally, this file is setup with the presumption that you have installed in the default directory. If this is not the case you will need to edit the included aliases with your RTM install path. Please feel free to contact support with any questions that you have.
CMS-XML Oracle Server must have a Satic IP address on Windows DCHP box
Problem: The install has detected that the primary IP address of the system is DHCP-assigned. Recommendation: Oracle supports installations on systems with DHCP-assigned IP addresses; However, before you can do this, you must configure the Microsoft LoopBack Adapter to be the primary network adapter on the system. See the Installation Guide for more details on installing the software on systems configured with DHCP.
CMS-XML Installing the Serena Dimension Oracle Runtime (Windows) for use with Dimensions RM 2009 R1
Oracle patches can be downloaded from support Search for: P2529
CMS-XML How To run Chklic on Linux/Unix and Windows
is the number of your support incident. (If you do not have a case number, you can pick an identifier of your choice, like today's date.)
MS-EXCEL RM 2009 R1.01 Supported Platform Matrix
Microsoft Windows Vista (x86, x86-64) Supported
CMS-XML RM: Licensing: License server setting is missing.
This can be verified in the Serena License Manager utility from the Product tab. 3. If all else fails, please refer to Knowledgebase Solution, S128639 How to run Chklic on Unix and Windows , and provide the resulting files with screenshots of the error message when submitting a new case to Serena Support .
MS-EXCEL RM 2009 R2 Supported Platform Matrix.xls
Unsupported NOTE: Oracle 11g is only supported if RM Server and thick clients are on a 32bit Windows OS. Running RM Server and thick clients on a Windows 64bit OS using 32bit compatibility mode is Unsupported with Oracle 11g. Web Svr
MS-EXCEL rm_10.1.2_Supported_Platform_Matrix.xls
Supported Supported on Windows , UNIX, Linux Oracle
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