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CMS-XML Build and save a Query By Class that includes NOT IN relationship criteria> Edit saved query and NOT IN criteria is lost
Build and save a Query By Class that includes NOT IN relationship criteria> Edit saved query and NOT IN criteria is lost
CMS-XML "New, Add & Link" feature crashes document if used for more than one item
In the Document view if you use the feature "New, Add & Link " (to create a new requirement, link and add to the document), then click on " Save & New" for creating a second one and try to save , you get an error message and the Save doesn't work: "Dimensions RM has reported the following problem. Error type: RM Error
CMS-XML Links Made From Proposed changes - prior to initial submission - are assigned to the current requirement version
When a user proposes a change to an existing requirement, and then creates a link from this proposal - BEFORE saving the proposed change, the change is associated with the parent.
CMS-XML DIM RM: Link constraints do not work if used with system attributes
In Class Def double-click on an existing relationship and add one constraint (e.g. Current Status != Current). Make sure the AND radio button is selected even though no seconds constraint is needed (problem also occurs with 2 constraints). Save and exit Class Def. Try to use this relationship.
CMS-XML Dim RM 12.3.1: Copy of requirement with one link results in a copy with many links (of same link) but different version
This is the case even if in the Link properties tab the "Include all requirement versions" option is unchecked. However when you actually Save the new requirement it correctly displays only the one link with the current status correctly. It appears to be just the intermediate display that's at fault.
CMS-XML RM 12.x / rtm browser : how to add new color in "link Browser" "section of user settings"
defRGBColors array then save the script colorsman.js then open the rtm browser, the yellow color is now displayed in the list of colors :
CMS-XML RM 11.2.3 Reported defect - Query with invalid links still executes
7. Change the query to have a non-valid relationship (thus making it a manual query.) Save and run the edited query (I changed mine to 'not_primary_in MarketingRqmts_to_Prodxxxx'). Actual result:
CMS-XML RM Install: Install guide must better explain server build procedures
: RTM 6. Right click on the project Define project schema (to open class definition) 7. File Menu save 8. File Menu Exit 9. RM Browser login to RMDEMO 10. Requirements view 11. Reports - Script - run Top to Botom trace Report 12. Document View - open the document 13.
CMS-XML Dimensions RM Hotfix
19.INT337056: FF: Query dialogs load very slow 20.INT337058: FF: WF transition: User Fields options are not saved if ‘Populate On Create And link ’ or ‘Change Raise Suspicion’ are un 21.INT337072: FF: Sprint Status change on workflow transition for story items
CMS-XML Suspicion may be manually removed when associated with a parent object
Customers who define relationship constraints to include 'delete from parent', may see suspicion remaining on a 'replaced' or other non-tip requirement version, even though the requirement version has no links . ... The act of replacing or otherwise saving a new version of an object always removes suspicion, however suspicion may remain on the parent.
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