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CMS-XML Dim RM 2010 R1: Error ORA-00001: while inserting data into OBJECTn table
Dim RM 2010 R1: Error ORA - 00001 : while inserting data into OBJECTn table
CMS-XML Getting ORA-00904 Invalid Identifier, ORA-06512 or ORA-04088 when trying to open up existing documents or creating new ones after upgrading to RM 10.1.3 from RM 10.1.2 and only Oracle 9i is being used (does not happen under Oracle 10g).
Upon trying to open up existing documents or trying to create new ones in the RM 10.1.3 Document View, Oracle 9i issues the following error messages. This happens after staring from RTM 5.x then upgrading to Dimensions RM 10.1.2 and then upgrading to RM 10.1.3 and only if the Oracle 9i is being used. This issue does not happen under Oracle 10g.
CMS-XML Dimensions RM 2009 R1.01 installation/upgrade error for Select Oracle DB
With the installation of Dimensions RM 2009 R1.01 either for a new installation or upgrade of a pervious installation, it is possible to receive and error after identifying the Oracle DB. The ERROR: Unable to connect to the Oracle instance <???>. Please check the following: …
CMS-XML Dimensions RM 2009 R1 - Upgrading from Oracle 9 to Oracle 10g (10.2.x) without rebuilding the Windows Server
Use the Oracle Universal installer to remove all Oracle products following the Oracle documentation. Reboot the server. Delete both the root Oracle and program files directories.
CMS-XML Dimensions RM 10.1.4 Error Ora 942 “Could not truncate temporary data”
Dimensions RM 10.1.4 Error Ora 942 “Could not truncate temporary data” Temp Table is missing for the project – this is most likely caused by a system using the CM Runtime Oracle without correct patches, Oracle Instance created from the wrong template, and/or upgrade from 10.1.3.
CMS-XML RM: Issues if Configure Database Schema is not enabled during the upgrade from releases earlier than RM 09 R1 or for a new installation.
Please rename it to a .sql file before having Oracle execute that. After RM 09 R1 is successfully installed, please use the ICDBA account to execute the script through Oracle sqlplus.
CMS-XML RM/CM integration will not work after upgrading from RM 11.x or older to RM 12.x
2(32) := 'RM'; 3 Edit the following line replacing 8080 with the Dimensions RM Tomcat port: C_PORT CONSTANT VARCHAR2(5) := '8080'; 4 Save your changes to the sql file. 5 Open an SQL Plus or SQL Developer connection to the Oracle database for the Dimensions CM integration. NOTE: By default, the database is named cm_typical and there is a user ID of the same name that has the required permissions.
MS-WORD Installing RTM with Dimensions Using One Oracle Instance
Upgrade the Dimensions version from 9.1.0 to 9.1.2. This is needed for the RTM integration.
MS-WORD Dimensions RM 2009 R1
Dimensions RM 2009 R1.01 installation/ upgrade error for Select Oracle DB
CMS-XML RM Install: Install guide must better explain server build procedures
The install guide must include at least install sections for: 1. Installing the Serena Oracle Runtime (Windows and Linux) 2. Single Server Install On Windows 2008 64 bit 3. Three Server RM (Windows 2008), Oracle (LINUX), and SLM 4. Uprgrade Oracle from 10 to 11 5. Upgrade to new RM Version The Three server install must include details for an Oracle DBA to correctly configure the LINUX Oracle server's RM instance.
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