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CMS-XML DIM RM: Embedded or attached objects are not migrated
DIM RM: Embedded or attached objects are not migrated
CMS-XML Duplicate List Names Before SQL Server Migration
Duplicate List Names Before SQL Server Migration
CMS-XML DIM RM: CSV Browser Import does not Respect Returns
Attempting to migrate a large number of requirements into RM which contain many bulleted and numbered lists causes everything to be imported on the same line.
CMS-XML Dim RM E-mail Rules are assigned to the wrong user after a project restore
rules are managed by USER_ID. When a project is backed-up then restored to a new DB or system the USER-ID are different. This workaround adds the USER_NAME to the E-Mail rules. The user name migrates when project backup with security in combination with project restore with security. Then the workaround assigns the correct SER_ID back to the e-mail rules.
CMS-XML New setupRTM.sql script for running on Oracle
shutdown immediate STARTUP MIGRATE spool D:\Oracle\admin\TST\create\TST_setupRTM.log
CMS-XML Read Only attributes can not be selected in import csv for matching.
This issue was corrected in 12.4.1, in releases prior to that the only workaround is to remove the 'read-only' rule during migration or periodic transfer.Although we realize the need to strictly maintain the identifiers between systems, users of the solution should understand that, for example, a DOORS ID should never be changed.
CMS-XML SRA: Installing 5.0 against an existing 12.x CM install will deactivate the CM Java Web client and Adminconsole components
SRA 5.0 is the first product to be released with Tomcat 7, the safest upgrade strategy, the installer deactivates the CM (or RM) system without attempting a migration . Copying the war files from the 6.0 webapps to the 7.0 and restarting tomcat re-enabled the CM Java Web client and Adminconsole components
CMS-XML Dimension RM Project Backup and Restore problems with Oracle 11
Original export is desupported for general use as of Oracle Database 11g. The only supported use of Original Export in 11g is backward migration of XMLType data to a database version 10g release 2 (10.2) or earlier. Therefore, Oracle recommends that you use the new Data Pump Export and Import utilities, except in the following situations which require Original Export and Import:

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