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CMS-XML DIM10 CM (10.1.2)/RM (10.1.2/10.1.3): Check list for a DIM/RM Integration
Can the user log into the RM project, using SQL*Plus, from the machine on which CM is installed? Try logging on using the RTM_ DB _ NAME (to point to the db ) and the RM project name . (Problems accessing RM from CM (via) SQL seems a common issue when running installations on separate machines.)
CMS-XML Dimensions RM 2009 R1.01 installation/upgrade error for Select Oracle DB
your TNSnames file to add a new entry for the SID name. In most Oracle installation the SID and Service name are the same but they can be different. Ensure you use the
CMS-XML Dimensions RM how to collect system and DB information (RM 10.1.4, RM 10.1.2, 2009 R1.01, 2009 R2)
sqlplus ICBDA/<icdba password>@< database name > @GetRmDbConfig.sql
CMS-XML Can not open attachments with German characters in their names.
Attachments with German characters within their names can be added to requirements, but they can not be opened from the database .
CMS-XML Group Attribute not working in Quick Search when Group Name contains space
The group attribute search fails when the group headers contain a space or when the display name is not identical to the database attribute name .
CMS-XML KM-RM10: ICDBA from RMmanage: Unable to connect to the database with this ID and password
1) Duplicate entries in the tnsnames.ora file - one with the fully qualified name ie RTM.SERENA.COM and the other with the short name .
CMS-XML Dimensions RM Slow Performance in RM 10.1.0, 10.1.1, 10.1.2, 10.1.3, and 10.1.4 caused by missing Oracle Indexes in Blank Project
Run SQLplus as sys with sysdba priviliges: SQLplus -S -L sys/<sys password>@< database name > as sysdba @ List _Indexes.sql SQLPlus -S -L sys/serena@RM as sysdba @ List_Indexes.sql
CMS-XML Dim RM - Class Definition was unable to validate the user name.Logon failure
Go RM-Manage > Login using Project Administrator > Right the Project > Define Project Schema .
CMS-XML RM 10.x has user names and passwords in the DMP file without security.
with SECURITY! Note: this is a destructive process and could destroy you schema with a small typo. In a CMD window login to SQLplus as the project:
CMS-XML RM Install: Install guide must better explain server build procedures
Test RM installation using RMDEMO user:Ehpoto password:RTM Preinstallation tasks: correctly define all setup tasks to include WebServer Oracle and SLM RM install verification – a starting draft 1. New System quick verification 2. Crete new project RMDEMO importing sample project RMDEMO WITH SECURITY 3. RM Manage right click on the DB Name (not project name ) change user 4. User: Ephoto 5. Password : RTM 6.
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