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CMS-XML RM can create Duplicate PUIDs in ERROR if Class Definition is used while the system is in use (RM 2009 R2)
In class definition for a specific class if the PUID attribute definition dialog must be opened, ensure all USERs are logged OFF Dim RM.
CMS-XML Class Definition corrupts Schema on timeout
To reproduce the error” · Open class definition · Make a change · DO NOT save the change - leaving class definition open · Wait overnight (some timeout occurs somewhere - oracle?) · Make another change · Then save class definition · Review Class definition - notice the attributes are not as before the save · Make more changes · Save Class Definition · Exit Class Definition · Review the project DB - settings are not as desired.
CMS-XML "Create New & Link" does not populate default values
This issue was corrected in 12.5.1, however, if using a version prior to that release - check that all attributes defined in both the source and target (the from and to links) have been copied successfully.
CMS-XML Using the em or en dash in list attributes fails on import
n the Class Def Tool an entry in a list attribute that uses an en or em dash will fail to match on import. To reproduce : 1, RM Demo add a value to the build attribute called Build - 1 (where the dash is an en dash). ... It would be better if the en or em dash in the list definition were not accepted.
CMS-XML Changing Picklist attributes values in RM to include historical values
Changing Picklist attributes values in RM ... In class definition add the new pick list value in the list and move the old value bottom of the list but leave it in the list. ... Create a filter/script to show the Object ID and Attribute to be changed with the value of the attribute equal to the value to be changed. ... Add a new column to the right of the columns title it END and copy down/paste the value END in the last cell for all rows. ... In class definition remove the old pick list value from the list.
CMS-XML Dimensions RM Hotfix
6 Copy files from created ... 2. ENH337034: FF: Define which attributes to show as tooltip in relationship reports - type Matrix ... 18.INT337055: FF: Update User Attributes takes long on Report Dialog ... 20.INT337058: FF: WF transition: User Fields options are not saved if ‘Populate On Create And link’ or ‘Change Raise Suspicion’ are un ... 22.INT337116: FF: Custom form with 3 columns containing user or list fields does not fit the default edit form size ... copying .
CMS-XML Dimensions RM Hotfix
7 Copy files from created ... 11 Copy "help. ... ... /admin/ attributes / attributes -configuration. ... ... requirement with url attribute ... of requirements with attributes that have defined and not defined values is incorrect ... ... stored in Attachment Attribute ... Import: chapter attribute selection ... buttons if ROLE attribute in comments class ... 41.INT342573: FF: Remove unique check for QC defect class field BG_SUMMARY ... 53.INT342714: FF: ReqIF: export embedded images of rich text attributes ... 60.INT342894: IE only: Attribute constraints values are not populated if open report on edit from Document View ... copying .
CMS-XML DIM RM: Save and Copy error in 12.4.1: Mandatory field not filled but marked with a green tick
DIM RM: Save and Copy error in 12.4.1: Mandatory field not filled but marked with a green tick
CMS-XML Dim RM 12.2.1: Create New and Link option doesn't copy across Group Attribute values
1. Create a requirement with group attributes 2. Open the requirement and go to the link section 3. Select "Create New & Link" on the right-side of the display
CMS-XML Group Attributes do not print in Class Definition
The work around is to save the schema definition as an .rtf file and add the Group Attribute information manually to the file.
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