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CMS-XML Dim RM 2009 R2: Problems with special characters in CSV import / DOC_OUT export
The CSV import of a CSV file containg special characters ( ä , ü, ö, Ö, etc.) seems to work fine as the special characters are displayed correctly in the browser. However, if you export the records with DOC_OUT, the "Ö" gets corrupted in the resulting CSV file: -
CMS-XML DIM RM: Quick Search with special characters does not return any results
Doing a Quick Search using special characters like ü, ä , ö etc does not return any results.
CMS-XML Dim RM 2009 R2: Tooltip text corrupted when using line feeds or special characters
The following problems occur when the attribute 'Description' is shown as the tooltip in RM Browser: - a) Instead of carriage return you'll see \u000D b) Special characters like ü, ö and ä are not displayed correctly.
CMS-XML Web Services "[URL_TO_GSOAP sbminternalservices72]" returned an error
This may be an issue with the way users were imported / created in SBM. Perhaps, this is caused by an upgrade from an old version of TeamTrack. Check the TS_TIMEPREFERENCES column in the TS_USERS table in the Application Engine database for the user. The only valid values for TS_TIMEPREFERENCES are 0 or 1. If you have any other value in TS_TIMEPREFERENCES, replace it with a 0 or 1.
CMS-XML Dim RM 11.2.1: Having special characters in report name leads to filename being corrupted
This problem was previously reported under DEF167319 against 2009R1.01 and apparently fixed in 2009R2 but is still occurring. This problem is reproducible with any special German character in the report name e.g. ä ö ü Ä Ö Ü ß. A screenshot is attached showing the problem.
CMS-XML How to replace invalid license keys in Serena License Manager (SLM)
ISSUER=11134358101152008-123456789011-VSLM8 SN=123456789011 \ SIGN="00C6 23C6 5F07 4C9D E8FA 9C48 A42F 5700 02B4 16 AE 2697 \ F7DD 7E2A 841D BFAA"
CMS-XML How to setup Dimensions CM, RM and other Serena products to utilize the SBM SSO using LDAP authentication model
SBM SSO should be setup to use an LDAP Authenticator. Once SBM SSO is setup to use LDAP Authentication, users will be authenticated with LDAP before receiving a token allowing them access to the desired product. The default behavior of the setup will require the user to also exist in SBM. SSO will authenticate to LDAP instead of SBM Application Engine ; Users will still need to be setup in SBM to access SBM.
CMS-XML Dimensions RM ALF Event Emitter can not handle SBM SSO (Single Sign On).
Stop the Application Engine Web Server and the Serena Common JBOSS service. On the server on which you installed the Orchestration Engine, navigate to the \Common\jboss405\server\default\deploy\eventmanager.war\WEB-INF directory.

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