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CMS-XML Dimensions RM hotfix
TABLE OF CONTENTS ... /rif/ reader /AttributeValueXhtmlReader. ... ... /rif/ reader /OLEObjectReader. ... ReqIF/WEB-INF/classes/de/qp/rif/importer/rm/ reader /RMReader.class ... 3. INT308414: FF: Oracle 1400 Error on Creation of new Database 4. INT308417: FF: Agile Date is changing any time replacing a sprint (when wrong Time-Zone) ... 9. INT307571: FF: Error message when non-admin user works with calculation attributes
CMS-XML Web Services "[URL_TO_GSOAP sbminternalservices72]" returned an error
This may be an issue with the way users were imported / created in SBM. Perhaps, this is caused by an upgrade from an old version of TeamTrack. Check the TS_TIMEPREFERENCES column in the TS_USERS table in the Application Engine database for the user. The only valid values for TS_TIMEPREFERENCES are 0 or 1. If you have any other value in TS_TIMEPREFERENCES, replace it with a 0 or 1.
CMS-XML KM-DIM10: Error 003: Querying Request Types for product failed. (GetChdocTypes)
The fact is: If there are no ChDoc-Types in the <PRODUCT> product, the sync engine runs into an error when scanning all ChDoc types of all products in the Dimensions CM database . The solution:
CMS-XML Dim RM 2010 R1: Error ORA-00001: while inserting data into OBJECTn table
The following error can sometimes occur importing requirements from Excel: Unable to replace requirement : ReplaceObject request error - 14#Error ORA-00001: while inserting data into OBJECTn table"
CMS-XML DIM RM: "An unknown error occurred while making the request"
Start RM Manage, right-click on the database connector and select 'Configure Login Sources'. Move RM to the top of the list and click OK.
CMS-XML Dimensions RM Hotfix
TABLE OF CONTENTS ... FF: Script Error in Chrome when ... ... enabled on a system where two databases are configured for ... ... Grid, Exception Error 2007 "Data ... FF: CSV Import Error 2061 'Mandatory attribute value is missing' on Create ... 15. INT287793 FF: Linking requirements with CSV import shows warning message and does not link 16. INT287792 FF: Story dialog shows wrong class name if two are availble but only one is assigned 17. INT287799 FF: Unexpected error 'Start date must be smaller or equal to end date'
CMS-XML Dimensions RM Hotfix
TABLE OF CONTENTS ... /rif/ reader /AttributeValueXhtmlReader. ... ... /rif/ reader /OLEObject. ... ... /rif/ reader /OLEObjectReader. ... ... /rif/ reader /RIFDocumentBuilder. ... ... /rif/ reader /RIFObject. ... ... /rif/ reader /RIFReader. ... ... .. and error in console ... be available, occurred 404 error. ... defined values is incorrect on Oracle ... Import: XHTML tables not converted ... /Run returns wrong column names when ... 52.INT342713: FF: Azure authentication - wrong token validation ... 55.DEF342717: FF: Publish uses wrong Font Size ... Micro Focus shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or
CMS-XML Dimensions RM Slow Performance in RM 10.1.0, 10.1.1, 10.1.2, 10.1.3, and 10.1.4 caused by missing Oracle Indexes in Blank Project
... is very slow system performance. ... >@< database name> @ ... ... Projects with the error will have 151 ... the attribute summary tables are created. ... ... you get an error that the tablespace ... ... >@< database name> as ... ... >@< database name> as ... ... you get and error : IndexFix includes some Index that may exist in the project already. So this error is expected on some lines, but not on all lines. The ... SQLplus -S -L sys/<sys password>@< database name> as sysdba @ List_Indexes.sql
CMS-XML Dimensions RM Patch
TABLE OF CONTENTS ... 14.ENH320703: FF: Change Class from Chapter should read default values ... 22.INT321713: FF: After renaming snapshot wrong snapshot number proposed 23.DEF321705: FF: Document compare is wrong when class of a requirement was changed 24.DEF321706: FF: Spelling error in Export Dashboard
CMS-XML Dimensions RM hotfix
TABLE OF CONTENTS ... 14.INT315882: FF: Snapshots are sorted in wrong way ... 16.INT316623: FF: Error on requirement removing ... 23.INT317841: FF: Agile: Moving an epic with no features causes JS errors 24.DEF317842: FF: User with read rights on a document can edit chapter in full document view ... 27.INT318178: FF: Chapter read access should be checked for the category where the document is located
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