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CMS-XML DIM CM: Line lengths in Browse Template for Requests
In the browse template for a Request ( Change Document ) specify the format for the attribute problem_detail as: %problem_detail:1:80:W%.
CMS-XML EXPM dumps out the request templates of products which are nothing to do with the process model of the product exported
<p>Process Model export file contains unwanted data pertaining to products other than the product specified for the process model export. </p>
CMS-XML DIM: Action of Request with double quotes in comments field fails
AC "QLARIUS_CR_35"/STATUS="UNDER WORK" /COMMENT="String "with quotes" Action Request - ACL0004585E Error: Too many parameters. Error: Dimensions command not specified correctly
CMS-XML Popup for component version selection after Request Process is not scrollable and cannot be paged.
Reported to R&D for correction in a future release. As a workaround, the user may create a snapshot that specifies the desired version of each component and then use the snapshot when " Request Process".
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.2.2: Adding large request attachments is very slow
To speed up this operation you can add the following variable to dm.cfg on the server: DM_ENCODE_CHUNKSIZE 10485760 This reduced the time taken for the operation in Support to just 4 minutes. It's possible that an increase in the value specified will increase performance further. However please note that we do not recommend the storing of such large files as attachments.
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.2: Promote/Demote pick up items that are not related to the request
- Create RR_1 and CCR_1 in the new project and relate them as mentioned above - In Web Client create a few items and specify that they are related to CCR_1 - Promote the RR to the second stage and verify that CCR_1 is also promoted and the items are as well
CMS-XML KM-DIM12.2: Reported Bug: Special characters in comment field of action request wizard are not escaped
Action Request - ACL0004585E Error: Too many parameters. Error: Dimensions command not specified correctly 2. or the quotes disappear if the quoted string does not contain blanks;
CMS-XML How to troubleshoot the Rest Grid widget when you get "We did not find any matches for your request" instead of results.
) are not valid for the host, port, database etc. ERROR 3: The username parameter is not specified ! The complete error from the log is:
CMS-XML Item links created for subtask/principal do not specify that
Development Manager 1.2Release Control 3.3 Requirements Manager 1.0Service Manager 3.1
CMS-XML Trend Report does not honor the Submit Date as specified in the Report Condition.
Development Manager 1.1Development Manager 1.2Release Control 3.2Release Control 3.3Release Manager 2.0 Requirements Manager 1.0SBM 10.1Service Manager 3.0
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