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CMS-XML Transition Ok button is not active unless a field is selected first
Transition Ok button is not active unless a field is selected first
CMS-XML No spell check button for notes field on add new note page
If adding a note on an item, there is no spell check icon for the note field , but only for title in IE 9.
CMS-XML Create Vault Request (Template) with IE and get error that the "Included Filter" field is not filled in or the Add button doesn't do anything on the form.
When you attempt to create a Vault Request or Vault Request Template you may get an error when you submit the form about the "Included Filter" field needing a value. The other symptom is the "Add" button on the form doesn't move the filter to the Included Filter field when using Internet Explorer.
CMS-XML Find button acts as selection arrow for mutli-user fields
For a multi-user field where searching is allowed, a user is selected and moved to the right side (selection side) if the search query matches. Also, if a user is highlighted on the left side, performing a find whether or not there is a match will move the user to the selection side. Steps to Reproduce
CMS-XML Spell check buttons/icons are inverted on form for journal fields that have "Append Only" option unchecked and the "Insert Newest First" option checked
Spell check icons that appear to the right of a journal field that has the "Append Only" option unchecked and the "Insert Newest First" option checked in Composer appear inverted on the form in runtime so the one on bottom checks the text field on top and vice versa. This happens when HTML5 is turned off.
CMS-XML Find button for single relational fields shows "Searching..." but never returns any records
UPDATE: This problem also applies to the dependent field display.
CMS-XML Searchable fields set the first value a selected
When the "find" button is pressed for searchable fields the first value return is set as selected<\p>>
CMS-XML Filter fields on "Create Release Package" form do not work
The rest grid widgets on the Create Release Package form do have text boxes above which are meant to be filter boxes. So after entering a string in these boxes and clicking the request buttons below the rest grid widgets the results should be filtered by the entered strings.
CMS-XML Minimizing field section during submit doesn't allow you to expand it and see the fields
When using a custom form and you click on the submit button to submit into a project and then minimize a field section, click cancel, then click submit again, if you try to then maximize the field section the fields don't display. This seems to only be an issue with customer forms.
CMS-XML PDF widget clears field values on items
A PDF widget on a custom transition form will cause fields (user, selection, and relational) to have their values cleared when the fields are not on the custom form and the transition is completed by clicking the OK button .
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