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CMS-XML DIM10.1: dmcli password prompt on Windows can not be canceled with CTRL+D
The user issues a dmcli command like dmcli - user dmsys -host stal-vm-armin1 -dbname cm_typical -dsn DIM12 -cmd lws and as expected receives the prompt for the password plus a message that the command can be cancelled using CTRL+D
CMS-XML Symbol DM_GET_KEEP_PERMS is not working with Java API
long millis1 = System.currentTimeMillis(); String auth = "AUTH /NETWORK_NODE=\"STL-SUP-RH1\" / USER =\" dmsys \" / PASSWORD =\" dmsys \"; connection.getObjectFactory().runCommand(auth);
CMS-XML Only DMSYS can replicate if DM_PRODUCT_USER is enabled
ii) Restart the listener iii) Create the user vriesmanc on the OS and ensure they have the relevant admin privileges including group admin membership, product manager, Manage Replication Configurations privilege iv) Run an baseline airgap replication dump
CMS-XML ALM Configurator gives error "User is not authenticated"
rlm.config.service.authdUsers for example: rlm.config.service.authdUsers=admin, dmsys
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.2: Request Deploy to Area user privileges not recognized
- Create a new product using CM 12.2 based on CM_TYPICAL $GENERIC. - Make sure user DMSYS (the admin user ) and one other user e.g. USER1 have roles DEVELOPER and IMPLEMENTOR - Make sure the Request type CR has the TITLE attribute and a template assigned
CMS-XML DIM12.2.2: DEF238349: Browse Request Priv,"User holds any role on the Design Part Owning the object" not working as expected
- [Result] CR_61 NOT pending for Dan but Dan can browse this CR CR_61 actioned to Work state by dmsys - [Result] CR_61 pending for Dan (as IMPLEMENTOR) and Dan can browse this CR.
CMS-XML Schema created based on product of another schema incorrectly initializes privileges
User creates a new Dimensions CM base database similar to the following: crdb some_new_schema /toolman= dmsys /basedon=cm_typical /product=qlarius After basedb is created the privilege_scoping table contain NULLs in all project_uid, area_uid, stage_uid fields that normally should contain -1s. This causes inability to remove these privileges later and possibility to add duplicates.
CMS-XML [Release Package] SQL Error when creating deployment task
Resource Msg Id = IDS_F1_MSG_DB_RETRIEVEDATA User : Id 31, ' dmsys '
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.2: Delegation wizard not working correctly in Web Client
- Using the QLARIUS demo product set up users dmsys , user 1 and user 2 with the real role of IMPLEMENTOR and also Delegation Candidate for the same role
CMS-XML Dim2009R2: UREG command gives an error when User Interface Profile was previously assigned
Using the Intermediate basedatabase, log into Admin Console. 2. Create a User Interface Profile and assign to User 2. 3. Log into DMCLI as the dmsys user . 4. Delete the user running the following command: xreg user2 /keep This will in turn delete the user2 user in the Intermediate basedatabase.
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