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CMS-XML 12.2 : new projects aren't shown in the selection list of project when adding build configuration with a upgraded db
if not objectexists("view", "BLD_PROJECT") create or replace view &SCHEMA..BLD_PROJECT(PROJECT_ID, PROJECT_ NAME , PROJECT_DESCRIPTION) as SELECT
CMS-XML Process app does not list incident type values for restricting a transition by type
An incidents process app upgraded to SBM that uses the Incident Type system field does not list the incident type values when trying to restrict a transition by type. Also, when clicking the "Edit item types" link at the bottom of the Restrict By Type tab on a transition, you are taken to the primary table, but the Incident Type field is not selected. This is caused by Composer not recognizing the Incident Type field ( database field name of "INCIDENTTYPE") as being the field that is storing item types.
CMS-XML Database Table Name editable after deploy.
Database Table Name editable after deploy.
CMS-XML AppScript method IsFieldEqual always returns False when using Database Field Name
The doc says that IsFieldEqual will accept a field name or a field ID. However, when you use database field name, it always returns False. The correct value is returned when using the ts_id of the field or you use the field name ( not the database field name ), however the field ID changes between environments and the field name could be changed later in composer and inadvertantly breaking your scripts..
CMS-XML Deployment fails for database field name of TS_ID or TS_TS_ID
Deployment fails if the database name of a field in the table editor in SBM Composer is TS_ID, or if the database name of a field in a blueprint file is TS_TS_ID.
CMS-XML Long ts_internalname and/or ts_name doesn't work with AppScript with Oracle db
When referencing ts_name or ts_internalname in ts_states with an app script, if either is over 30 characters, it fails with "ORA-00972:Identifier is too long" which is due to an Oracle limitation. It appears we accommodate this limitation in other areas in Composer when creating names /internal names , States can still be created with long names /internal names .
CMS-XML Notification Rules containing Fields with same name not displaying correctly
Two fields share the same field name ( DB Field Name is different, of course). One is a text field and the other is a single selection field. When creating notification rules, the fields are listed in the following order:
CMS-XML Composer crash when table contains duplicate field names
If you add a field to a table and give it the same display name as an existing field ( DB name will be different), then create a form and add a show/hide a field action to it, an error message will display - An entry with the same key already exists.
CMS-XML Javascript: Form Validation does not work when two fields have the same display name
Example to reproduce: 1) Create a transition form with two text fields with the same display name (different db name ), make sure both are required 2) Enable form validation feature for this form
CMS-XML Importing data from Teamtrack 6.6.1 to SBM 10.1.3 error TS_Resources table - Invalid column name
There are some columns missing in the TS_RESOURCES table from teamtrack 6.6.1 when the import is required to SBM 10.1.3. The workaround for this issue is creating these invalid columns name in the source database Teamtrack.
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