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CMS-XML Userid validation error connecting RLM to ZMF 7.1.3 package
Userid validation error connecting RLM to ZMF 7.1.3 package
CMS-XML Stage selection not reflected in Task List for Release Package
The list of Tasks does not filter according to the Stage selected. This has been reported as a bug.
CMS-XML RLC Release Package deployment fails with a Server Unavailable error if a pre-plan step takes longer than the connection timeout value configured in the Nolio plugin configuration.
Increase the Nolio plugin connection timeout to a larger value than the pre-plan step duration.
CMS-XML Add/Modify URL not working when linking/referencing a file
The Add/Modify URL is not working if when trying to reference a file and you select Move Reference to URL box . The reference gets created but you are unable to open the link once it is created.
CMS-XML RLC: ZMF Change Package View (zmfViewWidget) gives HTTP 401 Unauthorized or never loads
The View Widget is always trying to connect with SBM's SSO token. If ZMF is not using SSO, the View Widget will not load.
CMS-XML Use Deployment Process Template for Release Package does not add Tasks
- On RP-Form navigate to Tab "Deployment" - Choose a stage and select "Use Template" and select the created template Result: the 2 Manual tasks are not added to the Release Package.
CMS-XML Release Package gives error "RequestTimeout: The orchestration request was submitted but the server timed out waiting for the response"
Increase the timeout value. The default is 20000 milliseconds (20 seconds). Try increasing it to at least 60000 milliseconds (1 minute), and see if that works better. You could increase it more, but that might cause overall performance issues if the connection is too slow.
CMS-XML RLM 4.5: Some of my ZMF Packages are missing when adding deployment units to my Release Package
Choose whether to fill in the ZMF change package installation date with the release package stage end date from Serena Release Manager. (Values Y or N)
CMS-XML "Related Baselines" relationship filter for Items user report
When user is building a Items user report in Web client, the Filtering | ---System Attributes--- box presents Related Baselines option under Relationships . This option does nothing as items cannot be related to baseline; the option is not presented when building Items report via Desktop Client
CMS-XML Upgrading to ZMF 7.1.3: how to maintain the connection from ZMF to Release Manager 4.5
Launch SBM Composer and open the process app which contains the ZMF integration orchestrations. Typically, the Release Package and the Deployment process apps contain these orchestrations.
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