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CMS-XML Connection to SRA fails with 404 error if non-default SQL Server dbname used
There are problems connecting to SRA with an SQL Server database , if you create a database name other than the default of serena_ra. The installation of SRA completes without error, but when you connect with the browser interface, the user will get a 404 error.
CMS-XML Dim2009R2: VM2DM: Unable to perform Test Connection to Dimensions
When using the Migration Console with Dimensions 2009R2, the following error occurs when we attempt to perform the Test Connect to Dimensions button: Connection Failed Make sure your entries are correct and that appropriate Dimensions and database processes are running We can in turn log into the Desktop Client on this Server with no problem with the same creditionals.
CMS-XML "xact abort" in SQL Server causes table creation to fail
Enabling the "xact abort" setting in the Connections options of the Server Properties in SQL Server will prevent primary tables from being created when doing a Copy Database or deploy.
CMS-XML How to enable SBM to communicate via SSL with a SQL Server database
The current versions of SBM will fail to connect to to the SQL Server database even after updating the JDBC connection strings. The issue is related to changes made to Oracle's JRE 1.6 update 29+ which is the version used in SBM 10.1 and higher. The change was made to fix the SQL Server "Beast" security issue.
CMS-XML SBM for Oracle driver does not recover after losing its connection
If an Oracle database goes off line (during backups, for example), the SBM server will try to re-establish the connection for about 20 minutes and then fails to try any further. It is expected that SBM will try periodically until the database comes back online, however, this is not the case with the Oracle for SBM Driver / Oracle.
CMS-XML Configuration Utility Error
Database is Oracle In the Configuration Utility, the Common Log database points to a distant server. ... The Connection Test is successful. However, the connection properties in loggerconf.xml are wrong. ... Details: Failed to connect to database .
CMS-XML License Server error in the Configuration Utility
... your application engine database . (1) The AE database server information is not correct and testing the connection fails . ... It should give an error that it cannot connect to the AE database to write the information there. ... (2) The AE database information is correct and testing the connection is successful but the database has not yet been created in Administrator (typical for a new install if sample is not used). ... This should give a meaningful error that you need to create a database in the administrator.
CMS-XML Migration Utility - Connection failed if SSO is enabled
In case of SSO disabled, it worked. Try running the migration utility with SSO switch on and will receive the message From event viewer you get this error
CMS-XML How to get a copy of the certificate chain and copy it to the certificate trust store ("PKIX path building failed" or similar SSL connection errors.)
If you received an error about being unable to determine the certificate certification path, all things being equal, the correct certificates have not been imported into the Java trust store. The following steps can be used to copy the full SSL certificate chain being used.
CMS-XML SRA Agent Install for connection via Relay fails to auto-configure correctly
SRA Agent Install for connection via Relay fails to auto-configure correctly
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