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CMS-XML Email submit issues after upgrade from 2008 R2.04 to 2009 R4.03
The mailclient's timeout value when receiving mail (or attachments) from the mail -server was shortened. Currently, there is no workaround, unless it is possible to setup a local server from which there is less delay.
CMS-XML Email replies from Lotus Notes not posting correctly
When a user receives an e-mail from a mashup item in Lotus Notes and replies to it, that reply may not post correctly to the originating item - the message does get received, but only the subject line is posted, and the body of the e-mail is lost . In the mail log, a message stating that extra data was cleared off socket is observed.
CMS-XML Distributed installations: Empty tabs appear in Configurator after upgrade
The Performance tab in Configurator is only used when either Orchestration Engine, Application Engine, or Mail Services are detected on the server. However, an empty Performance tab appears in Configurator after upgrading to even if none of these components are installed.
CMS-XML Project field overrides may be lost when upgrading from 6.6.x to SBM
Project field overrides may be lost when upgrading from 6.6.x to SBM
CMS-XML All external users are visible as potential recipients when sending email from SBM
If you have upgraded to 2009 R3.02 or to 2009 R4.02 or later , you may see all External Users as potential recipients when sending an email from an item. The fix for DEF173464 created a new entry in the TS_SYSTEMSETTINGS table of SBM and incorrectly set the value to 1.
CMS-XML My avatar and email link on text fields are not correctly displayed.
For tickets and issues created prior to upgrading to 10.1, an update by a user will update all notes to have that user's avatar image for all notes.
CMS-XML System setting to disable password check can cause issues in user profile including losing subscriptions
If you enable disablepasswordcheck in a TT 6.6.x system, upon upgrade to 10.x, user profile may hang when trying to save. One of the symptoms is that when editing your subscriptions in the user profile, they are all removed, and you cannot save new ones.
CMS-XML When importing a new user via the web admin, e-mails may be sent out to these new users
In using the import feature from within web admin, the new user e-mail is sent out with username and password to each user, this is defaulted to enabled on newly upgraded SBM instances. To not send out emails during import, disable the notification server during the import process, then start the notification server and set the start time to "now".
CMS-XML Dim2009R2: Potential data loss in Check-in when deploy areas attached
- Developer does a check-out of the same item and Dimensions overwrites the changes with no warning. Please, bear in mind that upgrade to Dimensions 12 is not an option for customer; so Kutxa is asking for a workaround or solution based in Dimensions 2009R2. 3. What is the expected result?
MS-WORD S141325-Upgrading to Release Control 6.0 WITHOUT Keeping Old Data.docx
Once Release Control is upgraded and you have verified that it is working, you can use the SBM Composer compare/merge feature to add any customizations that may have been lost during the promotion activities. For example, if you added fields to any of your process apps or if changed any of the workflows, you can merge those changes from your backup process apps into the new process apps.
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