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CMS-XML Only DMSYS can replicate if DM_PRODUCT_USER is enabled
Only DMSYS can replicate if DM_PRODUCT_USER is enabled
CMS-XML Dim12: Deploy: MDHNET4502541E Error: Unable to insert deployment lock for database
When reviewing the deployment logs, the following is occurring: 2012/05/29 21:45:41 UTC 0.001 T T3316 DDeployServerAppImpl::dumpConfig: Database[0] = { dmsys , <*****>, MYSERVER, CM_TYPICAL@DIM12} 2012/05/29 21:45:41 UTC 0.015 T T3316 DDeployServerAppImpl::waitForHandshake: Waiting for parent process handshake to complete.
CMS-XML Schema created based on product of another schema incorrectly initializes privileges
User creates a new Dimensions CM base database similar to the following: crdb some_new_schema /toolman= dmsys /basedon=cm_typical /product=qlarius After basedb is created the privilege_scoping table contain NULLs in all project_uid, area_uid, stage_uid fields that normally should contain -1s. This causes inability to remove these privileges later and possibility to add duplicates.
CMS-XML [Release Package] SQL Error when creating deployment task
Resource Msg Id = IDS_F1_MSG_DB_RETRIEVEDATA User: Id 31, ' dmsys '
CMS-XML dmpool "hangs" if Java API connects with null parameters
DimensionsConnectionDetails details = new DimensionsConnectionDetails(); details.setUsername(" dmsys "); details.setPassword(null/*"dmsys_test"*/);
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.2: Delegation wizard not working correctly in Web Client
- Using the QLARIUS demo product set up users dmsys , user1 and user2 with the real role of IMPLEMENTOR and also Delegation Candidate for the same role
CMS-XML DIM10.1: dmcli password prompt on Windows can not be canceled with CTRL+D
The user issues a dmcli command like dmcli -user dmsys -host stal-vm-armin1 -dbname cm_typical -dsn DIM12 -cmd lws and as expected receives the prompt for the password plus a message that the command can be cancelled using CTRL+D
CMS-XML Dim12.1: Comment for the action is incorrect stored in the request history
1.Login to CM_TYPICAL as DMSYS and action a CR to a new state, ensuring that the comment section is filled out before submitting the command 2. Note the resultant command generated in AC "QLARIUS_CR_43"/STATUS="IN TEST" /COMMENT="CommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCommentCo"
CMS-XML Dim2009R2: UREG command gives an error when User Interface Profile was previously assigned
Using the Intermediate basedatabase, log into Admin Console. 2. Create a User Interface Profile and assign to User2. 3. Log into DMCLI as the dmsys user. 4. Delete the user running the following command: xreg user2 /keep This will in turn delete the user2 user in the Intermediate basedatabase.
CMS-XML KM-DIM12.1: Reported Defect: Strange messages in the event viewer since upgrade to 12.1 on Windows
Since upgrading from 2009R2 to 12.1 on Windows 2003 the following messages are shown in the event viewer: DMPOOL 2011/05/05 08:51:40 E P5144 T4744 rpc_StartServer_srv2(00000458): Session activation failed for user dmsys , connecting to @DIMVDI with DMDEPLOYSRV from localhost (6) DMPOOL 2011/05/05 08:51:40 E P5144 T4744 Application server initialization failed, process 2064
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