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CMS-XML KM-DIM12.2: Reported Bug: 32-bit Desktop Client crashes if DM_ROOT is set to 64-bit server directory
1. On a 64-bit Windows server with a 64-bit server installation (C:\Program Files\Serena\ Dimensions 12.2\CM) and a 32-bit client installation (C:\Program Files (x86)\Serena\ Dimensions 12.2\CM), set the user or system env. variable DM_ROOT with a value of "C:\Program Files\Serena\Dimensions 12.2\CM"
CMS-XML DIM12.1: HPUX agent install - No Java Runtime Environment(JRE) was found on this system
DIM 12.1: HPUX agent install - No Java Runtime Environment(JRE) was found on this system
CMS-XML Dim 14: Promote dialog does not show AM/PM in schedule tab
Running Desktop Client on a German Windows 2008 R2 installation , when invoking the Promote dialog and attempting to enter a date and time to promote, the clock is 12 hour, but no AM or PM is shown so it cannot be specified correctly. Checking this on an English client running on Windows 2012 the AM/PM symbol is shown and is visible.
CMS-XML Webservices Examples not installed with 64 bit version of SBM
The documentation states the WS examples should be installed in <SBM Install Folder>\Application Engine\webservices\. With the 32 bit installer this is correct, however when installing the 64 bit version of SBM the examples ( are missing.
CMS-XML SRA: Relay Agent Installer fails to create service and manually installed service
If it is coming from a customer reported DEFECT: 1. Describe the problem & the customer's use case scenario? when I run the agent install on Win2003SR2 32bit , I get ...\ah3srvc.exe is not a valid Win32 application. If I click on OK the same error message keeps on appearing and the installation does not complete.
CMS-XML DIM12.2: Eclipse plugin errors on connection when using Eclipse 64 bit
Steps to reproduce: - install 64 bit JDK - install Eclipse 3.x 64 bit edition on a 64 bit Windows OS
CMS-XML Login to SBM fails: SBM gsoap application pool inadvertently changes from 64-bit to 32-bit
On 64-bit servers, if the Application Pool Defaults value in IIS is changed to 32-bit (either by an administrator or by another installed application), then the next time you apply changes in SBM Configurator, the dedicated gsoap application pool will also change to 32-bit mode (Configurator sets gsoap to match the default when you click Apply
CMS-XML DIM CM: Problems installing on German OS against SQL Server
When installing CM 12.1.1 on German 64 bit 2008 server against a German SQL Server the ODBC DSN will be created with a German language setting. ... Connected to pcms_sys@ DIM 121 (Microsoft SQL Server)
CMS-XML How to configure Release Manager or Development Manager to use a non-default port number
Changing the Port on Which the Common Web Server Runs At the command prompt, navigate to the folder where you downloaded the Serena Release Manager installation file executable, ALM.exe ... "ALM 32-bit .exe" ... "ALM 64-bit .exe" ... For example, here is the command for a 64-bit installation to log the install and change the Tomcat Web server port to 1234: ... "ALM 64-bit .exe"
CMS-XML SRA 5.x: Agent: Agents not visible when there are several agent installations available
SRA 5.x: Agent : Agents not visible when there are several agent installations available
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