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CMS-XML Web Service Exception came from build management server import a build configuration
Getting the following erros when importing the attached build configuration Web Service Exception came from build management server Error code: error.unexpected (java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0 at at at
CMS-XML SRA 4.5.1: Include rule in Components not being used when importing baselines
Using SRA 4.5.1 set up a Component using the Dimensions " Source Config Type " and enter a string in the "Includes" section e.g. VC/file1.txt
CMS-XML SRA: application/component JSON import fails for some cases where secure property values are used
Changing the property from secure to normal text allows the import to proceed. 2. What are the steps to reproduce the problem? Reproduced on 5.0 http://pc-vb-d14:8080/serena_ra/#application/c47ec936-ae0d-424e-ae97-876eddff7d8f Create an application called app_paul Create an environment called PAULS_ENV Create a component called cmp_paul ( source config type none) Create a
CMS-XML Items on SRC Requests/Approvals report not visible in SRC Mobile app
This has been seen in customers running HTTPS calls through Load Balancers and redirectors. If the same reports are viewed in the SRP shell, they are seen correctly. The problem also happened only on a single system and not on any others similarly configured .
CMS-XML Add item ignores upload rules on a folder, while deliver works fine
A custom upload rule was defined which maps "config/%" to item type RELA. In the Webclient when using "Deliver", the custom upload rule is followed so the correct item type is assigned (i.e. config/a.txt gets type RELA, which is desired) However, when using "Add Item", the custom upload rule is ignored so the wrong item type is assigned ( SRC for config /a.txt).
CMS-XML ZMF proxy ID requires OMVS segment to work properly
Customer was attempting to setup a ZMF proxy ID following the documentation in the ‘SERENA ALM Installation and Configuration Guide’, section ‘ChangeMan ZMF for Serena ALM Configuraton’, page 104 ‘ Configuring a ZMF Proxy User ID’. The ZMF Proxy ID had READ access to the “trusted source ” SERNA.SERNET.AUTHUSR so it could impersonate the tso user, but would get ‘ INVALID PASSWORD’ for user ids as you can see in the following:
CMS-XML Agent console installer skips through steps
This then leads to an incomplete configuration file which needs manual modification. ... ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||unzip src =/tmp/, dst=/tmp/ --->
CMS-XML SRA: WebLogic Plugin: Unable to do perform an Undeploy with the Oracle WebLogic WLDeploy plugin
... has not been configured correctly: Provider ... ... has not been configured correctly: Provider ... ... has not been configured correctly: Provider ... XML parser factory has not been configured correctly: Provider weblogic.xml.jaxp.RegistrySAXParserFactory could not be instantiated: java.lang.ClassCastException: cannot be cast to javax.xml.parsers.SAXParserFactory ... Source ) ... at com.urbancode.air.CommandHelper$ Source )
CMS-XML ORACLE: Error getting catalog: No Service Catalogs found.
If you have Oracle as your database and get the following error when connecting to SRC - Serena Request Center then please check the following: ... (1) Do you have multiple SBM/ SRC environments sharing the same Oracle instance? ... (2) Have you configured SBM to separate its components into different Oracle Schemas/Users? ... If either of the above are true then please check your server.log and your activity log from the promotion of SRC .
CMS-XML Dim: Jenkins plugin is problematic with newer versions of Jenkins
... If it is coming from a customer reported ... ... simple build and configure the project to ... ... .A- SRC ;1 created ... .A- SRC ;1" ... .A- SRC ;1' ... ... .A- SRC ;2 ... .A- SRC ;2" ... .A- SRC ;3 [DIMENSIONS] Preserved '/home/dmsys/.jenkins/jobs/pc1/workspace/test.txt' as Item "QLARIUS:TEST TXT-100264940X10247X14.A- SRC ;3"
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