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CMS-XML Deleted notifications are promoted and appear as active
After a notification is deleted and the process app is promoted, the deleted notification shows as active in the new environment. The same is true for any snapshot. The snapshot will also contain the deleted notification.
CMS-XML Using snapshot profile to promote does not remove deleted notifications
After making all the changes in staging and getting everything working, you may promote the process app . However, the notifications that were deleted in staging are still in production. The systems should match after a promote.
CMS-XML When an asset that is checked out and then deleted it remains marked as locked in the repository.
Example to reproduce: (1) Pick a process app with a number of versions. (2) In the head(tip) delete an asset that is checked out in the tip e.g. a script.
CMS-XML If you reimport or delete and recreate the sbm web services you do not get the new methods
With 10.1.2 you cannot get the new functionality of sbm webservices into a process app e.g. new role ones.
CMS-XML Importing Release Control solution gives "Failed to extract the solution. You do not have permission to delete the obsolete snapshot"
Log into the Application Repository ( http://server:8085/mashupmgr ). Switch to the Privileges view. Select your user, and verify that you have all privileges, including Delete Process App , Delete App/Orch, and Break Lock.
CMS-XML Cannot Import/Export Process App with Time Capture Control
Delete the control. Drag a Tab control from the Workflow Palette onto the form. Drag the Time Capture control onto the Tab control.
CMS-XML Cannot open Process App since upgrade to 10.1
This occurs when a deleted field has been used to define an application variable. Please contact Support to get this fixed.
CMS-XML Error on deploy : Cannot schedule a development deploy since the mashup blueprint doesn't have development content.
If you clear up your old versions of your Process Apps from the Application Repository and delete the very first one you can no longer do a development deploy (with create versions of Process App Elements unchecked) from Composer. You get the following error in Composer:
CMS-XML Cannot delete urls in Public Folder or other items if a url is in the Public Folder.
Any Browser 1. Logon to Mashups Web Interface as Admin user 2. Go to the Public Folder and select a URL
CMS-XML Composer does not fail validation if the owner or secondary owner field is "not used" or "deleted"
Mashup Composer does not fail validation if a field is either "Not Used" or " Deleted " and used as the owner or secondary owner of a state. However it should.
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