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CMS-XML Journal field adds line feeds when pipe characters are used in the content.
Remove the | pipe character from the text of the journal field If you create a form action on any form where a user can add to the journal field with the following. In the "When" part of the form action put "this form is about to be submitted"
CMS-XML KM-DIM12.2: Reported Bug: Special characters in comment field of action request wizard are not escaped
test with "blank in quotes" This will be transformed to the following command line by the client: AC "DE_WR_5159"/STATUS="COMPLETE" /COMMENT="test with "blank in quotes"
CMS-XML Unable to execute a command line using Ext.CmdLineWait() function
Select the DefaultAppPool or gsoap_pool as necessary Click Advanced under Actions Scroll down to Process Model and select Identity to the user that your command line commands are running as.
CMS-XML Custom forms leaving blank space when memo or journal fields hidden with JavaScript
Multi- line edit fields (memo or journal text fields) that are hidden using JavaScript or form actions on custom forms leave blank spaces on the form rather than compressing the rest of the fields together to close up the empty space like it used to in versions prior to SBM
CMS-XML Logging user added to group is written differently to TS_AdminChanges whether one uses the Web Admin or the System Admin.
Logging user added to group is written differently to TS_AdminChanges whether one uses the web admin or the System Admin Tool. For example if a user is associated with 10 groups and is then added to an 11th, the action as logged from the System Admin tool will only add one line to the TS_AdminChanges. Whereas if the action is carried out from the Web Admin, lines are logged for removing the user from all 10 groups and then adding them and the new group again.
CMS-XML HtmlJavascriptWidget Javascript Error if handling strings containing apostrophe
The following JavScript error is shown: SCRIPT1006: Expected ')' tmtrack.dll?sid=xtppprki&TransitionPage& action =Update&projectid=70&recordid=6&recordlockid=0&tableid=1042&transitionid=1&Template=formbody, line 417 character 11
CMS-XML Dim 12.2: Trigger: PcmsGetCommandLine() returns a NULL value
\\test.log","a+"); fprintf(fptr,"Test data 2AB"); sprintf( line ,"Cmd: %s\n", pCmdLine); fprintf(fptr, line ); fclose(fptr); (void)sprintf(error_msg, "CHDOC: Action will be killed many/many times"); *ptrErrorMessage = error_msg; status = PCMS_ERROR
CMS-XML Errors with post-deploy script using DMTRANSFERTYPE parameter
When user tries to demote , with rollback, an itemm, the rollback action operations returns the following error: ... at line 2 in file /usr/deploy/intermediate/payroll/
CMS-XML : Certificate on automatic Promote/Deploy
... example) : action the request from ... 1) the certificate generates when doing an automatic promote/deploy with action driven is not good 2) in the deployment console, we can see that when we do a manual promote (step 6-) the user mentionned in the column "Event By" for the promote and the deploy lines is the user logged to desktop client and who does the promote (in this example user2) whereas when this same user does the action request (step 12-) the "Event By"
CMS-XML Dim 12.2: Trigger: PcmsGetCommandLine() returns a NULL value
... user tries to action a change document ... ** The action operation will fail and an error be returned to the user. ... char line [300]; ... /* Check if pre action event */ if (IS_EVENT(ptrPcmsEventStruct,PCMS_EVENT_ ACTION ) && ... /* Pre- action events */ ... sprintf( line ,"Cmd: %s\n", pCmdLine); fprintf(fptr, line ); ... "CHDOC: Action will be killed many/many times"); ... Action a Request
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