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Article Support Platform Matrix for Serena Products
The Supported Platform Matrix outlines the supported client-side and server-side information, including supported operating systems, browser, third party plugins, Serena product integrations, character sets, and upgrade paths.
Article How do I register as a new Serena product user?
CMS-XML Cannot initialise the value array so that previous values are wiped out for orch having a loop that creates/updates a multi field in an SBM item (or any array).
d. If for any item at the end of processing counter is < maxxount then I simply populate the remaining value array elements with the value from array element [1] until we reach maxcount e. SBM ignores the duplicate values If you would like a simple example msd containing this workaround then please contact Support
CMS-XML RLM (4.5.0 Hotfix 3) - Task status not updated; Redeploy Dimensions task; SOAP RequestTimeout; Same baseline going to multiple deployment areas
To apply this change, you must import a new version of the Deployment process app. If you have made customizations to this process app, you will need to merge your changes and the changes in the new version together. Merge instructions can be found in the SBM Composer help .
CMS-XML Field overrides affect listbox sizes
If a multi group field is set up as a listbox with list size other than default of 5, when the this field is overridden in Composer on a transition and then deployed, on AE ... non-default list size , as set out in the underlying table. This makes it impossible for users to change the list size and override the field on the transition via the supported interfaces. The only way this can be achieved is by updating the TS_PROPERTIES.TS_MULTISELECTSIZE for the field and the particular transition.
CMS-XML Multiple email address for data import does not work
Fill in all required sections In the "Notification E -mail" try and enter 2 emails address separated by comma as the docs says on PAGE 360 of the "sbms_app_admin_guide.pdf" and also the help page from the tool (see attachment) User should be able to enter multiple email addresses but are not allowed to.
CMS-XML WSDLs using SOAP 1.2 are allowed to be imported in Composer but do not work properly
Composer allows for WSDLs using SOAP 1.2 endpoints to be imported and used, but deploying the process app does not update a SOAP 1.2 endpoint since it is not supported . This causes the web service calls to not get sent to the correct service location if the process app is promoted to another environment.
CMS-XML Multi-View reports fail when using Firefox 4
The problem has been reported to R&D and will be addressed in a future release. Until then, the only workaround is to use a supported browser version .
CMS-XML RLM (4.0.0 Hotfix 2) - Task status not updated; Tasks stuck in "In Progress"; Wrong task executed
This hotfix should only be applied on top of the hotfix . If you do not have this hotfix installed, contact Serena Support for additional information.
CMS-XML Unable to update Aux table entry with IE8
If you have installed ChromeFrame in IE, such that your userAgent string contains a string such as "chromeframe", this can cause problems with the SBM JavaScripts which will incorrectly treat this as the Chrome browser. Until a fix becomes available, either uninstall this add-on or disable it if possible, or if neither is possible, contact Support for a possible workaround.
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