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CMS-XML Troubleshooting communication among SBM Components using Wireshark
SBM consists of components which can be installed on one or more servers. For example, SBM components include the Application Engine (or IIS component ), the Orchestration Engine, Application Repository and Common Services the last three components all running under JBOSS and Java. At times, it is necessary to capture communications between these components for troubleshooting purposes.
CMS-XML RLM: How to find the version for RLM and the various components
RLM: Login to the Application Repository , and switch to the 'Solutions' view. You will see Release Manager (or Release Control) in the list.
CMS-XML Upgrading to with Notification Server and App Repository on seperate servers
If you are upgrading a Distributed Environment you may see errors about being unable to start/stop W3SVC on the non-AE machines if they do not have IIS installed on them. Because the Application Engine database schema upgrade is now done in Configurator, rather than in System Administrator, you may have a problem if you do not upgrade the AE machine first, so that the database schema is already at the correct level when Configurator is started on the machines without the Application Engine component .
CMS-XML If you publish from Composer 10.1.2 to Application Repository on a version 10.1.1.x, it should be rejected.
Checks between Composer and Server components is not rejecting a publish from Composer 10.1.2 to server components 10.1.1.x. The Process App will fail to deploy because of the new time capture functionality. Errors similar to below will occur on deploy and the head/tip is not usable as it will not deploy:
CMS-XML Composer: Templates do not always have green icon
4) Go to Composer button > Open. Part 1: When looking at the local cache, it shows a green icon for the template, but the repository DOES NOT have a green icon. 5) Open the template from the repository
CMS-XML RLM: When creating a new Release Train, get error "env:Client" with "checkUniquness: Blank: Invalid User ID or Password" or deploy error "Failed to obtain security token"
If the STS certificate is invalid on the Repository server, you will also get this error when trying to deploy from Composer: ... Select the STS component to see the STS certificate.
MS-WORD S141325-Upgrading to Release Control 6.0 WITH Using Old Data.docx
These are configured for you in the Release Package process app that is part of the upgrade packet. ... You cannot submit new turnovers. ... In the Application Repository , go to the Snapshot view. ... This will get all of the necessary reports for release package. ... Choose the “RLC - Release Package (Upgrade 5.1).msd” process app that was included as part of the upgrade packet.
CMS-XML SBM: Error "Failed to obtain security token" and "soap_wsse_verify_X509" when deploying to some environments
When SBM components are installed across multiple servers, each server must have matching signed certificate trust keys. ... Unable to create new environments from the Application Repository (Mashup Manager)
CMS-XML When working with the Change Management SSM solution Composer can crash under certain conditions.
(2) If you export to file the SSM_-_Change_Management.mss snapshot from the Application Repository on an SSM system and then import into Composer and execute "Validate" then an SBM Composer crash occurs. Part of the stack trace is below:
MS-WORD S141325-Upgrading to Release Control 6.0 WITHOUT Keeping Old Data.docx
Log into the SBM Application Repository , and import the solution called Serena Release Control 6.0.0. ... Select to update “SDA 6.0 Component Version”.
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