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CMS-XML Password encryption used in the Release Manager components
The Serena Release Manager solution mandates SSO ( Single-Sign On ) configuration , which is controlled by SBM. However, Release Automation/Nolio does not work with SSO yet. That means that Release Control/SBM and Release Vault/Dimensions CM would use SSO via SBM (which uses SHA-256) and Release Automation/Nolio would use its own password storage (which uses 3DES).
CMS-XML SSO web services timeout setting is ignored
SSO web services timeout setting is ignored
CMS-XML Beyond firewall does not work for IIS if SSO and port changed
If you configure SBM to use beyond the firewall feature in the configurator then you should be able to access SBM via a published service outside of the domain. If you have SSO turned on and change the IIS port for the external host then this will not work as after the SSO authentication is complete it redirects back to the default IIS port.
CMS-XML Migration Utility - Connection failed if SSO is enabled
Connection failed. Please ensure that you run the utility under dimensions administrator account. If you are performs remote migration please see user guide for additional settings
CMS-XML Cannot select NTLM with SSO in 10.1.3.x in Configurator
If you wish to continue to use NTLM & SSO (without needing to configure LDAP) as per detailed in the 10.1.2.x documentation then this will still work but you will need to use internal passwords for Composer.
CMS-XML Dim12: SSO: Error processing LDAP search result(s): Unprocessed Continuation Reference(s)
< Setting Name="java.naming.referral" Type="xsd:string">follow</Setting>
CMS-XML How to setup RLM (Release Automation, SDA, SRA) to use SSO with SBM
<URIMatcher requestURI="/dimensions/*"/> <URIMatcher requestURI="/alm/ config /*"/> <URIMatcher requestURI="/adminconsole/*"/>
CMS-XML How to setup Dimensions CM, RM and other Serena products to utilize the SBM SSO using LDAP authentication model
Modify the SBM Configuration.xml and uncomment this section. Be sure to update it with your LDAP settings .
CMS-XML SBM 10.1 - How to generate new signed certificate trust keys for SBM and copy them to additional servers as needed (Generating SSO certificates)
The following note in the SBM Installation and Configuration Guide recommends that you generate new key pairs to secure your installation: Important:
CMS-XML "PRG7700105E Error: Error authenticating user (-1,073,741,715): Logon Failure" when using SSO to connect to Dimensions Desktop Client
< Setting Name="Authenticators" Type="htf:namedlist"> Within this section, find the authentication type that is not commented out, and verify the connection information in this section. As an example, if the NTLM section is not commented out, it will look something like this:
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