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CMS-XML Occasional user cannot see SLA status on an item they can see
Occasional user cannot see SLA status on an item they can see
CMS-XML View All Items role privilege is ignored for notifications - also in SSM SLA reports might show incorrect items
The "View All Items " privilege is ignored for notifications if the privilege is only granted to a user via a group that inherits the privilege from a role. If the user is added to the role directly, the privilege is honored and he or she will receive the notification.
CMS-XML Random updates happening to items - these updates are in the change history and there will be a modifier and modified date/time but no changes indicated
Another symptom of this may be that the SLA processing is affected and the SLA Widget is delayed in being updated. All items submitted from the time of the mass update did not show an sla status until after IIS had been restarted and overnight.
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.2: PF5 calculates owning design part as root when Creating Item in ISPF, not design part Upload Rule belongs to
%.JCL TEXT H_JCL <not the root design part> 2) From the Create Item panel in ISPF enter the dataset name which you want to create an item for; 3) Press PF5 to calculate the default values for the fields on the panel;
CMS-XML Items Locked In Request View Not Displaying Lock Icon
To work-around this issue, add the locked date to the related item view. This can be done in the customizing views window found at: Tools => Customize Views => Views (tab) => Requests (right hand panel) => Items (sub tree under Requests). Then: Expand the 'System Defined" attribute tree in the right hand panel , Scroll down to the value "Locked Date" Add it to the left hand panel By default this attribute is already added to the view.
CMS-XML Problems with relating items through the SBM Relationship Service with RLM 5.0 process apps
Click "Configure URL" button on the General tab of the Property Editor In the REST Service Configuration panel that opens, choose “Add input” Important
CMS-XML Even deleted and expired SLA's continue to appear in the SLA reports
(1) If you delete the SLA then it is only soft deleted and all the previously captured SLA information still exists and is reported on. No further information is collected.
MS-WORD S141325-Upgrading to Release Control 6.0 WITH Using Old Data.docx
Add a rule to restrict Retry to specific states, preventing the updates when they cannot occur: Right click on Rules in the All Items panel in Composer, and click Add New Rule. Drag and drop the State field into the rule, and select Failed and Success.
PDF Serena Application Release Manager Installation and Configuration Giude
3 AttheGlobal Library Types Part 2 panel , the global dataset allocation settings for the DCB ( data control block) should be configured in the same way as for "Like LST" libraries. In particular, fixed-block records of 80 bytes in length are required.
CMS-XML RLM: How to find the version for RLM and the various components
Release Control: From Control Panel > Programs and Features, find the item called Serena ALM and click it. At the bottom of the screen, you will see the version number.
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