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CMS-XML Screen blinks with "SBM User Workspace can not be embedded in another frame" repeatedly after changing url.
http://sbmserver /tmtrack/tmtrack.dll? shell =srp&IssuePage&RecordId=6938&Template=view&TableId=1168 Then once you're in the shell all you do is remove the query string so as to go to the traditional UI like this.
CMS-XML How to setup a url that will log straight into an SBM shell like Request Center, Demand Center etc.
The following example can be used when you want to log into a shell interface without being prompted for username and password. In the following example the shell =srp parameter will log into "Request Center" but can be changed to match your needs.
CMS-XML RLM: Running Activity report under ALM shell and get no results
Use SBM to open and edit the report named "Active Release Packages (JSON)"
CMS-XML JBoss service does not stop in some cases
The JBoss service wrapper was changed in SBM 2009 R4 and in some instances, the service does not stop gracefully. Errors will be recieved in the service_shutdown.log located in "Program Files\Serena\SBM\Common\jboss405\server\default\log".
CMS-XML Get "Webpage has expired" error when click cancel on report edit.
SBM directory in case you need to roll back to the original. 4. Edit the file and find the "doCancel()" function. 5. Replace the contents of that function with:
CMS-XML XSS on submit of Display tab in SBM Classic UI
The SBM classic UI has an XSS issue for the User Options display form. When changing the option to restore saved form data, it is possible to inject javascript into the form. This is the case for SBM 11.3.1, ... Issue is resolved in SBM 11.5
CMS-XML The experts in Social IT do not display when using SQL Server Express R2 with Advanced services (10.50.1600.1) - as delivered with SBM
(5) Question: uninstall or change (Answer: change ). ... In this case we can locate the place where we unzipped the installer for "SQL Server Express with Advanced Services" (note it must be extracted or it will not work).
CMS-XML IE memory usage increases in SBM client until the browser crashes or otherwise becomes unusable when running Rich Graphical Reports
The problem is also alleviated if the HTML5 options are enabled on a system-wide basis and the client runs IE11 (and in some cases IE10). ... For another workaround, which requires editing of JS files, please contact Serena Support.
CMS-XML Can't submit item with required Date field on a custom form and locale set to English (United States, Computer)
SBM 11.0Service Manager 5.2.1 ... Trying to submit a form in any of the custom shells like Work Center will result in the form not submitting and no visual indication that anything is wrong. Workaround is to just change your Locale to something other than "English (United States, Computer)"
CMS-XML After upgrade to and deploy, forms are very short (about 1 inch tall)
This problem only happens when using a shell interface and only after deploying from Composer ... 1) Install SBM and Release Control (which uses a shell interface). 2) Upgrade to SBM 3) In the shell , verify that all window forms open correctly and look normal. ... To see the problem, you do not need to make any changes , just deploy.
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