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CMS-XML Make JSessionID cookie hidden and secure
SBM 10.1.4
CMS-XML SSO and SSL: Only secure content is displayed and users get error about mixed content
SBM 10.1
CMS-XML Failed to construct cookie object when there is a space followed by the word Secure in the value of the cookie
CMS-XML SBM configurator eroniously report that Default certificates provided by Serena have been detected
Default certificates provided by Serena have been detected for the following components: SSO, Dimensions CM, Dimensions RM, PVCS VM. To secure your installation, you must generate new certificates. For more information, refer to the SBM Installation and Configuration Guide.
CMS-XML SBM 10.1 - How to generate new signed certificate trust keys for SBM and copy them to additional servers as needed (Generating SSO certificates)
To secure your installation, you must generate new key new key pairs. If you do not generate new key pairs, then the default certificates that the STS inherently trusts are used. To increase security you should generate a new unique certificate for each SSO component.
CMS-XML CM/SDA/SRA/SDA/RLM: Error "SSO Gatekeeper error has occurred: Error obtaining security token. Validation of WS-Federation token failed with code 40:Token issuer not allowed"
If you are using SBM Start SBM Configurator and navigate to Security | Secure SBM | Trust Keys | STS. Under Actions
CMS-XML RLM: When creating a new Release Train, get error "env:Client" with "checkUniquness: Blank: Invalid User ID or Password" or deploy error "Failed to obtain security token"
You can verify that the certificate is bad from SBM Configurator, on the Security view, on the Secure SBM tab. Select the STS component to see the STS certificate. If the certificate is expired OR if the certificate says it was issued by "Serena Software Sample CA-1", then the certificate is considered to be "bad" and must be regenerated.
CMS-XML How to get a copy of the certificate chain and copy it to the certificate trust store ("PKIX path building failed" or similar SSL connection errors.)
When using SSL, it is imperative that the SBM server components can verify trusted status of an SSL certificate. This could be any URL or web service that communicates via SSL/HTTPS, such as a secure mail server or an orchestration endpoint etc.
CMS-XML JBoss Server Does Not Shut Down after Stopping JBoss Service
The JMX console is a powerful administrative console for JBoss, so it should be secured with a strong password and other protections , such as a firewall filter on the http://server ... This is normal for the default SBM configuration.
CMS-XML Two-way SSL configuration for Manual Deployment Tasks
... \Serena\ SBM \Common\ ... ... \Serena\ SBM \Common\ ... ... that start with sbm .ae. ... ... If you open SBM Configurator and click ... ... \Serena\ SBM \Common\ ... ... \Serena\ SBM \Common\ ... ... that start with sbm .ae. ... This value is not controlled by SBM Configurator, so your changes will not be overridden if you open SBM Configurator and click Apply ... In SBM Configurator, go to the Mail Services ... value from 80 to the secure IIS port (443 by default).
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