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CMS-XML script incorrectly flags ts_state in TS_COMPANIES and TS_CONTACT as a problem for upgrade
The executable checks for reserved column names and for most databases will flag in CheckForReservedColumnNames.txt file two fields named TS_STATE within the TS_COMPANIES and TS_CONTACTS tables.
MS-WORD S141325-Upgrading to Release Control 6.0 WITHOUT Keeping Old Data.docx
Update the server name in “Dimensions CM Web Services” to point to your Dimensions instance. Update DB Name , DB Connection , Server, Username and Password with your Dimensions information. Update name and description to something to match your environments.
CMS-XML DIM CM 2009 R1: Error when creating a base database on SQL Server 2005
... restore a Dimensions Database backup on this ... ... working and the DBs are upgraded ... create a new Base DB using crdb The new Base DB should be created ... ... "The specified schema name "<your schema name >" either ... ... Creating the new base database TEST2. ... ]The specified schema name "TEST2 ... Dimensions uses the SQL Server stored procedure sp_adduser, which does not provide an option to disable the policy checks , hence the user creation fails.
CMS-XML Error "The calendar service has not checked for events for xxxx seconds. Please restart the server"
Release Automation sends polling pings from the server to the database . ... This can signify that there was a temporary loss of network or database connectivity . If the problem continues, research any connectivity issues with your network or database teams.
CMS-XML Configuration Utility Error
Database is Oracle ... the Common Log database points to a ... param name ="URL ... param name ="URL" value="DRIVER={Oracle in OraClient10g_home1};SERVER=distant-server;UID=serena;PWD=******;DBQ=instance2;" ... Check that the configuration file 'C:/Program Files/Serena/SBM/Application Engine/LoggerConf.xml' exists and has correct settings. Details: Failed to connect to database .
CMS-XML Role allocation view for Users/Groups may not provide visual cues
This happens mostly with databases containing user/group names with diacritics. If one checks a box and and clicks on save the check disappears as soon as save the save button is clicked.
CMS-XML A Dev Change Request is not being automatically transitioned when its child tasks are complete
... MSSQL SBM sample database : WHERE name = '< ... ... > is the name of the SBM database Check whether there are ... to the SBM database . (If your SBM database is not returned in the list it means that there are no connections.) SELECT ... ALTER DATABASE sample SET OFFLINE WITH ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE ALTER DATABASE sample SET ONLINE Apply the following sql statement: ALTER DATABASE sample ... ALTER DATABASE sample SET READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT ON WITH NO_WAIT ... WHERE name = '<SBM_DATABASE_NAME>' Where <SBM_DATABASE_NAME> is the name of the SBM database
PDF Microsoft Word - ZMF ALF Event Filters for RLM.docx
... on the release name . ... that start with DBA ... EXCL SYST; DBA * ... rename a component 68 No copied a component 70 Yes file tailoring started 71 Yes file tailoring failed 72 Yes file tailoring completed 78 Yes Checkin to release area complete 79 Yes Retrieve from release area complete 80 Yes build a package - create 81 No Check component into release area 82 No checkout to a package 83 No potential checkout conflict 84 No stage something 85 No overlay previous module 86 No delete module from package 87 No Checkout something from release 88 No copy ...
CMS-XML Database Table Name editable after deploy.
Database Table Name editable after deploy.
CMS-XML AppScript method IsFieldEqual always returns False when using Database Field Name
The doc says that IsFieldEqual will accept a field name or a field ID. However, when you use database field name, it always returns False. The correct value is returned when using the ts_id of the field or you use the field name ( not the database field name ), however the field ID changes between environments and the field name could be changed later in composer and inadvertantly breaking your scripts..
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