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CMS-XML RLM: When creating a new Release Train, get error "env:Client" with "checkUniquness: Blank: Invalid User ID or Password" or deploy error "Failed to obtain security token"
You can verify that the certificate is bad from SBM Configurator, on the Security view, on the Secure SBM tab. Select the STS component to see the STS certificate. If the certificate is expired OR if the certificate says it was issued by "Serena Software Sample CA-1", then the certificate is considered to be "bad" and must be regenerated.
CMS-XML ZMF Connector fails with error "org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Invalid user id or password"
It is a good idea to test this by actually logging into SBM. There could be an unexpected prompt or message that needs to be answered before the Connector can use this login .
CMS-XML DIM CM: One-time login certificate which includes a tertiary node login (MVS) fails if the @ is in login credentials
A dimensions one-time login certificate which includes a tertiary node login (MVS) fails if the user name , password or node name includes the specical character '@'.
CMS-XML 12.2: Desktop / DMCLI clients hang on 64-bit Win7 with ActivIdentity
User is running Dim CM 2009R2 clients on 64-bit Win7. The client hangs after it presents login dialog, user inputs userid and password , and clicks OK. The problem appears to be caused by ActivIdentity security package on Win7 box. User can logon OK on Win7 box without ActivIdentity.
CMS-XML Scripts or WS do not run in notification context without a user with login ID of admin
ERROR 14-02-2012 14:18:35 [Events] -- com.serena.core.runtime.LocalizedCoreException: Failed to obtain security token: Invalid User ID or Password
CMS-XML Mapping auth section to working data complex type doesn't use userid password
5. Assuming you have SSO turned on login with an admin account. ... 8. Now go back and map the userId and password individually to the working data and clear the auth section. ... 10. Notice the orchestration should fail because this time it's using the userid and password specified. ... You can still just individually map the userId and password from the working data individually and it will work.
CMS-XML Email Submit: IMAP connection uses Mailbox Name instead of Mailbox Email Address to login
The POP3 Command 'PASS' failed . Server Error: '-ERR [AUTH] Username and password not accepted.'
CMS-XML How to setup Dimensions CM, RM and other Serena products to utilize the SBM SSO using LDAP authentication model
... enabled product to login using SBM SSO ... ... user will be logged in , otherwise a login failure will occur. ... Engine where my login can be authenticated ... ... token where my username will be mapped ... ; if the username does not exist, login will not be ... ... authenticator, for userName / password mode only - ... At this point, the Dimensions CM user can login using SBM SSO only if the user name exists in SBM. Step 3 is only necessary if you do not want to require your CM, RM or other SSO user to be in SBM.
CMS-XML How to troubleshoot the RLM (Release Manager) 4.x and ChangeMan ZMF integration
ZMF proxy user name Server Proxy Password : ZMF proxy user password ... Run the process that is failing then turn the traces off in ZMF by changing ‘ON’ to ‘OFF’ and issuing the commands again: ... These log codes are: Install a Package, Distribute a Package, Revert a Package, Baseline Ripple, and Freeze Package. ... Incoming events are logged in the ALFEventManager.log (by default, located at C:\Program Files\Serena\SBM\Common\jboss405\server\default\log\ALFEventManager.log).
CMS-XML KM-DIM12.1: Reported Defect: Strange messages in the event viewer since upgrade to 12.1 on Windows
... : Session activation failed for user dmsys ... DMPOOL 2011/05/05 08:51:40 E P5144 T4744 Application server initialization failed , process 2064 DMAPPSRV 2011/05/05 08:51:40 E P2064 T5576 DMAPPSRV initialization failed , exiting DMAPPSRV 2011/05/05 08:51:40 E P2064 T5576 Connect to RDBMS failed ... ORA-01017: invalid username / password ; logon denied
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