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CMS-XML Dim2009R2: UREG command gives an error when User Interface Profile was previously assigned
For the user to be re-added without an error message. 4. What is the actual result? The following error occurs: DBI0004527E DBIO: Database I/O error occurred SQL -2291(11797) ORA-02291: integrity constraint (INTERMEDIATE.GROUP_MEMBERS_FK) violated - parent key not found PCM2800067E Failed to insert group assignments The user has been reinstated with the correct role assignments and profile .
CMS-XML Chrome:Manage Data:Update auxiliary items breaks User Interface
1. Using Chrome browser log in to your User Workspace 2 . Go to Search -> Manage Data 3. Select a table and add new item
CMS-XML Dim CM 2009 R2: Upgrade from Dimensions CM 10.1.x to 2009 R2 fails with "ORA-00936: missing expression" error
SQL-936(00000000018F03A0) ORA-00936: missing expression Error detected in D:\Serena\Dimensions_2009_R 2 \CM\dbms\upgrade\upgradedb_10. sql , line 2275 Called from D:\Serena\Dimensions_2009_R2\CM\dbms\upgrade\upgradedb.sql, line 237
CMS-XML SRA: SRA sql error when creating or modify a stored procedure
... sql server database 2 . What are ... ... and got [ sql ] Executing resource ... sp1. sql [ sql ] Failed to execute: ... ... .[pc 2 test] @ ... BASEDBS Error Executing SQL Scripts: com ... ... When run under SQL Manager it runs ... ... /* Added an SRA comment */ SET ANSI_NULLS ON GO SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON GO create PROCEDURE [pcms_sys].[pc 2 test] @sName VARCHAR(100) as select s_name from ADMSYS_BASEDBS 3. What is the expected ...
CMS-XML Under certain circumstances the search for users/groups causes failure
Under certain circumstances the search for users /groups causes failure
CMS-XML Pressing Enter in the Search Box of User Profile Notifications Settings returns user to PA tasks
If you press the Enter key in the Notifications Settings Search Box in the User Profile , when the search box is blank, it returns you to the Task Page of your default application.
CMS-XML SBM Web Admin search for users with high bit characters in their name fails
SBM Web Admin search for users with high bit characters in their name fails
CMS-XML Creating a report with two matching runtime fields caused user report issues until system refreshed
If you have a listing report with two matching query at runtime fields on an aux table then when you try "FIND" on this field you will get "error on page" from IE and expanding that “form.Report Type is null or not an object” from qbetop.js. The "find" seems to never finish and also you cannot create a listing report with any search criteria (all search criteria options are blank even for inactive/active). To recreate:
CMS-XML 'Add a User' in browser admin works only after selecting user from search result
SBM 2008 R 2
CMS-XML Reports: Multi-User fields not behaving correctly in “Search Filter”
1. Open a Process App (e.g. Issue Defect Management) in SBM Composer 2 . Data Design 3. Select the Secondary Owner field in the Issues table
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