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CMS-XML Incorrect invocation of "A repeat of the same transition for the same item has been detected"
When executing a number of consecutive transition actions designed to run in controlled loop SBM is throwing the following error message and stopping the flow of the business process . ... The state/transition actions chain has been terminated to prevent the possibility of an endless loop. The above error message is not always adequate as it appears even then when there is a workflow Rule which should prevent the loop becoming endless.
CMS-XML Using read() in MashupScript can lead to Server Error 500
in MashupScript appears to lead to a server process crash. The server terminates the request after a long while with "500 Server Error ": ... code=SERVER_RESPONSE_CLOSE] The server closed the connection while reading the response. ... Type: ERROR ... Error occurred in file: '.\HtmlFormTransition.cpp', line 383. ... Type: ERROR ... Error occurred in file: '.\ThreadPool.cpp', ... Type: ERROR ... Error occurred in file: '.\HtmlFormTransition.cpp', line 439.
CMS-XML Dim12: SSO: Error processing LDAP search result(s): Unprocessed Continuation Reference(s)
Dim12: SSO: Error processing LDAP search result(s): Unprocessed Continuation Reference(s)
CMS-XML "A report or search you previously requested is currently being processed by the system" error in Work Center dashboard
When the Options -> Settings -> Display tab -> "Allow Users to Run Simultaneous Reports and Searches" setting is not set for an SBM system and a user adds multiple reports to their dashboard in Work Center, they sometimes get an error that says:
CMS-XML Changing value of Single Relational field throws error "Currently processing previous request..." Custom Form
Since the upgrade to SBM 10.1.3. in certain circumstances single relational fields can show the following error :
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.1: CM_Typical Process Model issue - Delivering modifications completes with error
If using the CM_Typical demo process model, and you attempt to deliver new revisions of the following files: - Qlarius Underwriter\website\index.html Qlarius Underwriter\website\main.css
CMS-XML Error message ...You do not have the 'Override Process Checks' privilege... during Check Out
Users get the following error trying to check out a file via Dim 10.1.3 Desktop client: 1386-Error: You do not have the 'Override Process Checks' (PRODUCT_OVERRIDE_PROCESS_CHECK) privilege to perform this operation
CMS-XML Clicking + in Activity Log gives error "Processing, please wait"
On the Log History tab, in the Activity Log section, click any of the + icons. Nothing will happen on the first click. The second click gives " Processing , please wait".
CMS-XML An error occurred while processing notification - This transition is not currently valid
When a notification is set to run a subtask transition, the notification does not run the transition. When viewing the ns.log file, we see an error indicating an invalid transition
CMS-XML Error: "org.jbpm.bpel.BpelException: process not found: name=00000$orchestrationName$ochDesginNumber, targetNamespace=null, version=xx"
In rare circumstances, an error such as the following could occur in the server.log. When this happens, the orchestration given in the error will not be run.
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