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CMS-XML Dim CM 2009 R2: Unable to expand Eclipse section to list its upload rules
When expanding the Eclipse section of Upload Rules. the Admin Console hangs. A pop-up message is displayed, and whether you choose 'Yes' or 'No' nothing happens. See the attached screenshot for more information.
CMS-XML DIM CM: Eclipse plugin doesn't mark project/stream as Eclipse project
When creating a project/stream in Desktop Client or from the Serena perspective in Eclipse it will appear in the 'Other Projects' folder in Eclipse . It will remain there if it is used for an Eclipse project later on.
CMS-XML 12.2.2.x / Eclipse / Unable to create a request from Eclipse Plug-in when at least one request type has been disabled in admin console
a) disable a request type in admin console b) from Eclipse plug-in, in the serena perspective, do a right-click on "request" then click on "new" then nothing happens, it is not possible to get displayed the first windows for creating a request c) if you go back to the admin console and enable the request type (which was disabled in step a)) then after restarting eclipse , you are able to access to the first windows for creating a request
CMS-XML 2009r2.08 : Revised Baseline not appearing in Eclipse
When creating a revised baseline from a initial baseline which is not in the same project or if the project of the initial baseline has been deleted, then it causes the revised baselines not to appear in eclipse (not under the project nor under "Other Baselines")
CMS-XML DIM CM: Eclipse Client Request Editor, Attachments Tab buttons not displayed
When using the Request Editor, Attachments Tab in the Eclipse Client the buttons to attach/remove are not displayed until the mouse hovers over that general area or the display is refreshed.
CMS-XML DIM12.2: Eclipse plugin errors on connection when using Eclipse 64 bit
Eclipse shows the following error: No details available. java.lang.NullPointerException
CMS-XML Dim CM 2009R2: It's possible to create invalid database entries using the Eclipse Integration
Whilst test1.txt and test3.txt are correctly checked in there is a problem with test2.txt. A warning is issued indicating that the item is already checked out by you at revision 1.1, which is quite correct, but a new revision of the item is incorrectly created in Dimensions but it is not related to any request and it doesn't appear in the history or the pedigree of the item.
CMS-XML / Eclipse / after executing "update" from Synchronize view => corruption of accentued character is .jsp files
In this case default encodinng and local file encoding are the same, displayed properly and Update doesn't corrupt anything. Notice, this parameter is not the same as Preferences-General->Workspace->Text file encoding.
CMS-XML SOAP Fault String: No compatible tokens found on the request SOAP Fault Code: soapenv:Client.wsse:FailedAuthentication
SOAP Fault String: No compatible tokens found on the request SOAP Fault Actor: uri:org: eclipse :alf:sso:relyingparty:anonymous:anonymous:anonymous OR
CMS-XML Symbol DM_GET_KEEP_PERMS is not working with Java API
3) Then we upload that file into dimensions (using desktop client) 4) We then use eclipse to build our Jar file which has the following snippet static void runCommandFetch(final DimensionsConnection connection) {
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