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CMS-XML "PRG7700105E Error: Error authenticating user (-1,073,741,715): Logon Failure" when using SSO to connect to Dimensions Desktop Client
When logging into the Dimensions Client, the user may see the following error: Failed to connect to the Dimensions server. PRG7700105E Error: Error authenticating user (-1,073,741,715): Logon Failure
CMS-XML SBM user licenses, laptop and mobile/fixed devices
A license will be set for clean up once the user clicks the Exit link in the interface; in SBM 11.4, simply closing the web browser will act like clicking the Exit link in the UI. Clicking this link should return the user to a landing page. If clicking this link logs the user back in (because you are using Windows Authentication ), then we need to change in setting in [1]
CMS-XML ORA-28040: No matching authentication protocol
Oracle 8 or 9 clients are not allowed to connect to their Oracle 11g server per STIG requirements. This is accomplished by set SQLNET.ALLOWED_LOGON_VERSION = 10 in the SQLNET.ORA file. When this is set they get the error:
CMS-XML Using HSSO in the SaaS environment forces you to logon before displaying an item from a notification
If a user isn't already in the SaaS system upon getting an e-mail notification, clicking on the link will force them to re- authenticate , and take them to the home page rather than directly to the item.
CMS-XML When opening the SBM Application Administrator you get an error "Connection Error. Check your network connection or contact your system administrator".
Check your network connection or contact your system administrator". After you click ok the Manage Resources section is greyed out. This can occur in SBM 10.1.2 while using NT Challenge Response also known as Integrated Windows Authentication .
CMS-XML Email Submit: IMAP connection uses Mailbox Name instead of Mailbox Email Address to login
01/04/2012 12:57:32: IMAP Response failure, Command: LOGIN, Response: A1 BAD Too many arguments provided n3if51719575qcb.44
CMS-XML SRA: SSO with NT Challenge Response prevents logout from SRA
SRA has been set up to connect using SSO where NT challenge response is being used for authentication . The problem is that logging out of SRA doesn't actually logout but puts the user back at the Home screen.
CMS-XML Composer can not deploy when one environment is down
In certain circumstances an attempt to deploy to a working environment will fail, the message indicating the the " authentication server could not be contacted " on a different environment, that is currently unavailable. This can happen when the last deploy by this user of any ProcessApp was to an environment that is now unavailable, even when you are trying to deploy elsewhere. If you know the environment will be restored to activity soon, then Publish from Composer and Deploy from Application Repository.
CMS-XML [LogLevel update timer] [com.serena.adlogger.Appender] [::] -- Error while resolving log levels
com.mongodb.MongoException$Network: IOException authenticating the connection
CMS-XML Cannot connect on opening SBM User Workspace, server identifies client by IPv6
Cannot connect on opening SBM User Workspace, server identifies client by IPv6
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