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CMS-XML Project name does not always sort well in Web Admin and win 32 admin
2. In Web Admin go to project tab for application that contains worflow mentioned above. Pay attention that project created by Quick Admin has "Project" name
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.2: "Find Item" in Desktop Client no longer sorts items by default
- open Desktop Client and connect to Global project ($GENERIC:$GLOBAL) - open the "Find Item" dialog, replace $GENERIC with a relevant values in the Product ID and Item ID fields and click Open. - in the "Items(Find Results)" view click "Expand item display to show all revisions ..." icon.
CMS-XML Admin Portal Move Projects dialog – projects not in correct order
If you work from z->a and move the projects to where they should be, the system will make the correct change even though the dialog makes it appear as though they were already sorted. FYI, consultant also tried sorting a->z, but that actually resulted in the list being reverse ordered.
CMS-XML External user unable to perform manual registration into correctly configured project
External user unable to perform manual registration into correctly configured project
CMS-XML Project field order change not promoted
Changes made in the field order using the System Administrator are not always reflected in the destination environment after a promotion. Some fields may not change the order.
CMS-XML Suppress projects in "+new" when a service is available that uses those projects
When performing a search in "+new" in workcenter, the matching service and its related project are displayed. We should suppress the related project because the user can use the service to submit (instead of the project). Having both makes it confusing for the user and makes it difficult for an admin to control the desired entry point.
CMS-XML Strange project overrides or settings after deploy
If you see strange behaviour after a seemingly successful deploy, then you might be suffering from a logic error for which this defect was raised. An incorrect primary table id ( id for primary table of solution processed last ) might be assigned for following solution elements during importing: 1) Transition orderings,
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.2.2: Project specific CM Rules options are not honoured
However the Project flag for CM Rules is set to " Always Disable" so the rules should not be checked even though they are enabled in the Adminconsole. For example:
CMS-XML DIM12: Dimensions loses Settings if relate/unrelate operation is performed
Dimensions Desktop Client looses default project settings if a user relates or un-relates requests (to/from other requests) from a request report. To reproduce follow the following example: - open a stream and set a default design part
CMS-XML Always enable CM rules does not work for new streams in Desktop Client
If you select the following under streams general in the admin console: "Always enable CM rules" "Require change control when refactoring" when creating a stream in the pc client the Change Management Rules are not grayed out or even selected. This appears to send the right command through on the web client, but not the Desktop client. This is sent through with the options enabled in the admin console and no changes on the project /stream creation window.
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