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CMS-XML Dim12: ACL4502922E Error: Cannot open connection to host HOSTNAME
The following error can occur when attempting to log into Dimensions CM: Failed to connect to the Dimensions server. ACL4502922E Error: Cannot open connection to host HOSTNAME
CMS-XML "PRG7700105E Error: Error authenticating user (-1,073,741,715): Logon Failure" when using SSO to connect to Dimensions Desktop Client
PRG7700105E Error: Error authenticating user (-1,073,741,715): Logon Failure ACL 4500326 E Error : User authentication failed when connecting to host xxxxxxxxx User authentication failed
CMS-XML Application Administrator generates error when accessing the commonlogger
While in the Application Administrator site, navigating to Advanced > Common Log genereates message "Unknown errors occured in the server . Please check App Admin Logs for details"
CMS-XML 413 error (Request entity too large) when accessing Application Administrator, Request Center, or Demand Center
This was found internally on a QA server that was configured to use NT Challenge Response. In order to use NT Challenge Response with SBM, you must ensure that only the tmtrack virtual directory is set to use Windows Authentication. If the other SBM virtual directories (especially sbmconnector) are mistakenly configured to use Windows Authentication as well, then the packet size is needlessly doubled, which produces the 413 error when users attempt to access an interface like Application Administrator.
CMS-XML DIM CM: Structured exception on server when deploying items
When deploying items to a remote server the actual deployment appears to be successful but the Windows Event log on the server contains a structured exception and other errors : DMAPPSRV 2012/01/09 14:28:59 E P3176 T3540 Structured exception 0xc0000005(0) level 0 at 0x0000000073 E 6 E 8C0 (0,0x00000000ffffffff): The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access .
CMS-XML AE callback fails with ssl error when ssl is ON on Jboss
Access MM with https ... Edit target servers to use https ... ... fails with following error in ts_ ... ... 4b6 e -a885- e 09703b1150 ... ... 4b6 e -a885- e 09703b1150 ... error :14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed: SSL_connect error in tcp_connect()
CMS-XML SBM Configurator cannot perform License Server Test Connection on SLM quorum or single SLM server with port number
If Serena License Manager (SLM) server specification needs to contain a port number, using the syntax: port@ server ( e .g. "27000@or-flexlm"), or if multiple SLM servers need to be specified to connect to a 3- server SLM quorum, using the syntax: port@ server 1,port@ server 2,port@ server 3 ... link on the License Server page of the SBM Configurator will consistently give the error Connection failed , even though the SLM server (s) can be accessed fine.
CMS-XML Cannot access SBM if you are using seat licenses and have too many users configured
Some users must be deleted or have their access type changed before the server can run. ... If you receive the seat license error in a version earlier than SBM, contact Customer Support for assistance is resolving this issue.
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.1.1: runCommand WS should return and if command fails
<faultcode>soapenv: Server </faultcode> <faultstring> ACL 0004593 E Error : command not found</faultstring> ... <ns2:description> ACL 0004593 E Error : command not found</ns2:description>
CMS-XML Dim2009R2: Potential data loss in Check-in when deploy areas attached
... in the remote node ... file: An error is showed because ... ... In Item - Error : Connect failed ... ACL 4500285 E Error : Connect failed ... COR4501132 E Error : Failed to update the following deployment areas: T ... Check In Item - Warning : No update was necessary because the file was unchanged ... - Developer does a check-out of the same item and Dimensions overwrites the changes with no warning . ... Dataloss, however this is should not happen in 12 as the deploy is not linked to the RI and the checkin should occur irrespective of the availabilty of the deployment node .
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