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CMS-XML KB-SRA 4.5: SRA version / create version plugin causes intermittent Java exception
Caught: java .lang.Exception: Request error: 400: The value given for "version" (STSUP:NETWORK FILES_20131206082845) could not be resolved.
CMS-XML SRA: Failed to start Serena RA : java.sql.SQLException: DERBY SQL error: SQLCODE: -1, SQLSTATE: XJ001, SQLERRMC: java.lang.NullPointerException^T^TXJ001.U
... Serena RA : java .sql. ... , SQLERRMC: java .lang. ... 2013-11-19 10:22:32,617 - Upgrading to version ... [null] Adding upgrade file for processing: /opt/serena/sra/common/tomcat/6.0/temp/664693aa-fd1c-4266-893c-25952dc17f61/deploy/derby/upgrade_sql_4. 8 .xml
CMS-XML SDA: The client browser does not require any Java or JRE
Trying to configure an SDA configuration and wrestling with Java versions for your clients?
CMS-XML SRA 4.5.1: Component version download link is not able to manage files or directories that contain certain special characters
If you load files and/or directories into SRA that contain special characters such as "+", which are valid for files and directories on Windows, the resulting download link for the file within the component version does not escape the URL, resulting in a Java null pointer exception. For example:
CMS-XML How to install two versions of Serena Common Tomcat on the same server
Double-click on SerenaTomcat6w.exe to start the Tomcat Configurator. On the Java tab, uncheck the “use default” box and change the JVM path to point to: C:\Program Files\Common\jre\6.0\bin\server\jvm.dll
CMS-XML SRA: The Version plug-in steps fail if SRA uses SSO
Creating version 123 on component 2 Caught: java .io.IOException: 302 Moved Temporarily 302 Moved Temporarily
CMS-XML SDA: Agent does not appear in the UI - run mode does not start but hangs at: 2014-10-22 08:08:45,065 - Agent version:
locked/ serenaRA/ java .home=/opt/serena/Deployment Automation Agent/_jre version=
CMS-XML Release agent status connected and agent log shows Java_home is set to an invalid directory
Platform: Windows Server 2012 Version : Serena Release Automation Problem Description:
CMS-XML SDA: Agent: Agent does not appear: java.lang.SecurityException: The current user cannot create subresources.
7. Installed SDAgent to the same path as before 8 . Confirmed SDAgent service started 9. Restarted Serena tomcat 7 service in SDA server
CMS-XML SRA 4.x / server installation : failed to start Tomcat => Failed to start Serena RA : C:\Program Files\Serena\ra401\conf\installed.version (The system cannot find the file specified)
java .lang.RuntimeException: Failed to start Serena RA : C:\Program Files\Serena\ra401\conf\installed.version (The system cannot find the file specified)
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