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PDF Microsoft Word - ZMF ALF Event Filters for RLM.docx
A new XML tag <libType> has been added to identify the component type. There is also new XML tags to help identify other events not previously emitted (see list below). This also includes additional values for <messageType>.
CMS-XML Mainframe Connector Extensions: Mainframe Configuration for accessing ChangeMan ZMF from SBM
Configuring the Notification URL The NTFYURL parameter is a keyword option used with the SERNET started task. This parameter is required for notifying SBM when an event is emitted from ChangeMan ZMF .
CMS-XML How to troubleshoot the RLM (Release Manager) 4.x and ChangeMan ZMF integration
NTFYURL='sbm_host_name:port/almzmfalf/services/ZMFALFEventRouter' Verify that you can ping the server given in the Notify URL (command: TSO PING serverName). Check the started task SERPRINT to verify that the HTTP Server is running.
CMS-XML How to install setup the ZMF Connector to communicate with SBM using SSL (SBM and ZMF Connector on same server)
(by default: C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\common\tomcat\9.0\webapps\almzmfalf\WEB-INF\conf) file to give the correct URL to SBM. Update the two lines as below: RLC_NOTIFICATION_URL=http\://localhost\:8085/rlc/ notification / zmf Should be (port 8243 for Tomcat or port 443 if Configurator is setup to proxy everything through IIS):
CMS-XML RLC: How to filter the list of ZMF Packages using the ZMF Department when adding Deployment Units (About Configuration Overrides)
Repeat steps4-7 for the "Submit from Release Train" transition. Additional Tips and Advice :
CMS-XML ChangeMan ZMF Plugin Hotfix 2.2.1 for RLC - Ability to remove specific ZMF actions that do not apply
CAUTION: It is STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you deploy all releases, patches and hotfixes to a test environment prior to deploying to production. IMPORTANT:
CMS-XML IE11: ZMF View Widget does not display the ZMF deployment unit package
The package will only appear if the IE console is opened (press F12 to open) or if the package was previously viewed in another browser. We have also seen clearing the browser cache help in some situations.
CMS-XML When click on Test Connection, get "Error! Could not connect to ZMF server"
By default, this log can be found in C:\Program Files\Common\tomcat\6.0\logs. Scroll to the bottom of the file to see the more recent messages. Search the KB for these specific messages for additional help .
CMS-XML How to configure one-way and two-way SSL for Release Control and ZMF Connector
1. Obtain a Certificate Authority (CA) root certificate and generated keypair certificates for the SBM hostname and the ZMF Connector hostname, signed by the CA root certificate. SBM should be configured to use two-way SSL with these certificates. Refer to the SBM documentation on Documentation Center or from the SBM interface, especially the SBM Configurator Help .
CMS-XML Upgrading to ZMF 7.1.3: how to maintain the connection from ZMF to Release Manager 4.5
download page . If you do not see the connector file on the ZMF 7.1.3 download page, contact Serena Support for additional assistance .
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