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PDF Microsoft Word - ZMF ALF Event Filters for RLM.docx
... 07 No generate package information 08 Yes delete a package 09 No generate project information 10 Yes revert a package 11 No generate global information 12 No activate component 13 Yes package memo deleted 14 Yes undeleted package 15 Yes base rippled 16 Yes base reverse rippled 18 No install package aged 19 No component history aged 20 Yes approve a package 21 No calendar re- sync 22 No staging libraries aged 23 Yes backout a release 24 Yes install a release 25 Yes distribute a release 26 Yes delete a release 27 Yes revert a release 28 Yes ...
CMS-XML Email notification template isn't synchronized when using Network Load Balancing
Email notification template isn't synchronized when using Network Load Balancing
CMS-XML Switching between Month, Week, Day in My Calendar causes counts to not refresh.
If you look at the My Calendar area with a Calendar Feed setup when you first open it the item counts on the left are accurate but when you change the view to show month or week or day then the counts on the left get out of synch as you move around. If you then click the little refresh button the count will synch up again until you switch month, week, day view again and they they get out of synch again as you move around.
CMS-XML Trying to add items to a single or multi select field via a patch context and getting error.
This error is caused by a defect in the way Composer is looking for the existing field in the Head version. As fields are added and deleted over time the way we look for the field gets out of synch and then it can't find the correlating field.
CMS-XML "Request is expired." received when attempting to login via SSO
This error will occur in a distributed install where the system clocks are out of sync by the default of 60 minutes or more. Make sure that all server components using SSO have their system clocks synchronized.
CMS-XML Manual Steps for Importing and Exporting Trusted Certificates to Establish Client Certificate Authentication
feature or by using configuration snapshots (in the event you are not using the Configuration Settings database). However, the client certificates from each server are not actually included via the sync mechanism that is performed when you click Update From Database
CMS-XML Unable to Map Endpoints during Promotion
You could get an “Unknown errors occurred in the server” error message when you try to choose destination endpoints in the Promote dialog box. This is likely to be caused by a synchronization problem with the system clock. To work around this problem, clone the environment (click Clone
CMS-XML RLC JIRA Sofware Plugin: If an incorrect password is specified in the JIRA plugin configuration, it can result in needing to reset the password in CAPTCHA
Click Reload Request Data again. This results in an "Invalid credentials provided" error for all further synchronization attempts for that user.
CMS-XML Error: "org.jbpm.bpel.BpelException: process not found: name=00000$orchestrationName$ochDesginNumber, targetNamespace=null, version=xx"
This defect causes the same version number to be used twice for the same orchestration in the JBPM_Processdefinition table by mistake. This causes the version column in the JBPM_ProcessDefinition and BPEL_Description tables to be mismatched (out of sync ). To find all of the orchestrations where this problem has occurred, run the follow query.
PDF Serena Application Release Manager Installation and Configuration Giude
SERSERVC Runtime Considerations Runtime considerations for SERSERVC include the following startup, shutdown, and timing synchronization issues. Startup and Shutdown
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