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CMS-XML Some listing reports take longer to render and causes unresponsive script error
listing report should display more than 8 columns. The data appears to be returned and then the browser runs a javascript to format the results. The formatting process takes so long that the browser may think the script is unresponsive and display an "long running script" error.
CMS-XML Error when running the Upgrade Perl scripts ( - cannot find
The upgrade Perl Script ( no longer works as the has been deprecated in the latest versions of Perl.
CMS-XML What permissions does an App Script run as?
What permissions does an App Script run as?
CMS-XML Script run from notification using username from other notification
Script run from notification using username from other notification
CMS-XML If post transition script takes a while to run then no loading symbol is shown whilst script runnning
Whilst a post transition script is running the loading symbol may not be seen. The only indicator is the progress bar.
CMS-XML Orchestration run directly after a script may sometimes reads "old" values
If you have two actions on a transition, one calling a Mashupscript and another one following that calling an Orchestration (async). If the scripts modifies a value in another item (e.g. an aux table) and the Orchestration reads that modified value sometimes the orchestration will get the pre-change.
CMS-XML Pre-transition script does not successfully set values for all fields when run by web service
When there is a pre-transition script on a transition and that transition is run from a web service call, not all field vales that should be set by the script get set.
CMS-XML Scripts or WS do not run in notification context without a user with login ID of admin
The web services authentication user setting that controls the user used for running scripts and web services from notifications is available under the Mail Client tab for Mail Services in the Configurator. NOTE: This only applies to SBM 10.1 This setting was moved to the Notification Server tab under the Common Options section in
CMS-XML RLM: Running Activity report under ALM shell and get no results
If the report is run in IE Developer console or Chrome Javascript console get the following error: SCRIPT 5007: Unable to get value of the property 'split': object is null or undefined activity, line 415 character 7 This is coming from template file activity.htm
CMS-XML Single Selection fields with default values cause change history record with no change via App Script.
When you have a Single Select field with a default value set and run an update transition via an appscript called from a notification or url context you will get a value in the Change History record that shows that single select field changing from the same value to the same value.
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